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Some of the bigger issues facing Raw and the WWE today.

*As a fan of the wrestling business since I was 6 years old, I don't claim to be an expert and anyone willing to refute any claim I've made please do so, as it will further improve the accuracy of my ranting.*

Onto the show....

Now a days, people complain about the program being stale and underwhelming, why? What is it that it seems as though the WWE in it's presentations on RAW take two steps forward and three steps back? Is it the superstars? Is it the commentators, or is it the script? Well my simple answer to this is that it's all three and then some.

Then we get to the three hours for Raw, what could have been a blessing in disguise has made Raw into the most painfully cringe inducingly long wrestling show ever. And for what? More ad revenue? It's not like they've even scratched the surface on what they could do with that much time. Despite the better, and longer TV matches that's come out of it, in a way we still feel cheated. Like there isn't enough substance, what with the commercials every 2 mins and so on.

However, issue number 1 for me is complacency. Complacency leads to laziness which leads to stagnation. Funny, because it seems to trickle down into every part and machination of the product. Down the talent in the back who are so afraid of the totalitarian nature of their superiors that they settle for coasting along for fear of being completely buried. The superiors who see that they have no competition so they coast along and produce some of the most lackluster shit seen in the last decade. Its a shame because the talent pool now has some of the best talent and untapped potential since god knows when, and yet everything seems to be pissed down the fucking drain due to a need to appease the stockholders, blowing their wad all over the god damn place.

Speaking of pissing away talent, something has to be done about the scripted nature of the show and this is the biggest issue of all for me. It has to go away, because of the nature of the writing making everything presented on television, bland, contrived and boring as shit. There is no consistency to be found, and when there is it's far and between. Wrestlers are sports entertainers, AND vice-versa.

Yeah it sure as hell isn't Hollywood, but for fucks sake stop holding the hands of every single fucking superstar out of fear that they'll tank on television. Seriously, that's why nobody fucking talks, since people can't get that experience else where like ECW or the territories, it seems as though they feel the need to baby them with the script until they have the balls to say fuck it and ad lib their entire promos.

I thought at least they can get practice in on the house shows, why can't they get a few key things to cover and just make shit up as they go along? I don't get it someone please explain this to me. Why do they not want anyone to get over? Would it really be THAT bad to step up ones game, have them be over with the crowd in the midcard and finally go up to main event status? Do the little things that would make the crowd become invested in these characters? Playing up to one's gimmick or even having a character for that matter? Anyway...

Having so many people just rush into the ME makes the secondary belts look like dog shit, and even then its not like the two main belts matter, because the WHC has been opening shows for god knows how long and the WWE title has been in the midcard over several events for the past year. God damn, I don't even want to get started on what they did with CM Punk.....

Another minor issue over saturation, and its like this. Raw and Smackdown, with NXT as a developmental show. AND. THATS. IT. Seriously, we have Main Event, Sat. Morning Slam, 3 hrs of Raw, and Smackdown every single week. Just have enough people who you have a vision for in the long run, a few good experienced hands and whatnot to fill out the roster enough to justify having only three shows and book them accordingly.

Lately for the past two years is that i've noticed that for the time being, they have almost completely given up on the midcard and put all their chips into the main event for Wrestlemania season ever since WM28 when they booked Rock/Cena. Nothing matters or progresses, because everything is filler up until its time to start building for the next big PPV. Its gotten so bad that you can outright predict an entire card's worth of matches and be correct 8-9/10 based on the given time of the year because you have an idea of who's gonna win and retain what championship because this person is challenging for it at the next Big 4 PPV. It takes all the suspense and intrigue out of watching any other time of the year.

That's kinda why i've noticed that they've stopped undercutting the superstars, as they are using the time The Rock is using to sell their PPVs to build people up. All these on and off, schizophrenic pushes are what put them in this mess to begin with, but at least they are turning things around. For their future I hope so.

In any case, you may find this to be quite a read, and I could go on; but I hope you've found it entertaining. My next thread will be on John Cena, and the many detriments he has caused the WWE as a whole, and yet why some of that hate may be misdirected.
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