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Re: Why you can't compete with Chinese labor

Originally Posted by Redead View Post
you shouldnt be doing physical work at that age, thats the whole point

it stunts growth and could deform you physically. there is a reason they passed laws against youth doing hard labour in VICTORIAN TIMES
You seriously need to learn to read.

No one is saying 8 year olds should be tweaking auto parts or sewing clothes in some hot factory for 12 hours a day. I merely said that if you are in high school, you can do physical labor. That is a fact seeing that a 14 year old can acquire work through labor in the United States via the Fair Labor Standards Act. The hours and types of jobs that a 14 year old can work are limited, however. That is why I said a person a few years away from high school can bag groceries and walk around collecting buggies in a grocery store parking lot, not work in a fucking mine breathing in coal and looking for gold.

And don't bring that broscience of "hard work" stunts growth. That's bullshit. There are middle schools and high schools with weight rooms and athletic programs that make some low level colleges blush. There are countries with lax youth labor laws that put out world class athletes who were running marathons at 10 years old like Kenya. Then there is the United States with a huge percentage of the population that is obese and morbidly obese because they have the "stresses" of the "Freshman 15" and other stupid excuses as to why they could not cut their own fucking grass.

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