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Re: WWF 1995: The New Generation

i wouldn't be surprised at all if Wrestlemania would be the massive event ever like it was in this BTB, as far as the matches are, i'm going to start with Lex Luger vs British Bulldog, now why would Lex bring Davey's family and mistreat them with disrespect, and have Luger taunt Bulldog while he's down infront of his own family,

i don't get it, i'm glad Bulldog got a bit of revenge and gave Harry the money but i don't see this Bulldog/Luger feud ending anytime soon,

number one thing being about King Kong Bundy leaving the Million Dollar Corporation, you remember when they had the 1999 storyline in which Bossman turned on the Corporate Ministry and then rejoined them, i think that shall happen, but as far as Bundy's days in this BTB i believe they are over, so MDC now have a lot of rivals to deal with,

and speaking of Bam Bam Bigelow still can't get a break from The Undertaker before Wrestlemania, with Piper being brought along is awesome too, as far as Undertaker goes, i wouldn't see Undertaker's streak end here on this BTB, as far as the No Holds Barred stipulation goes, i like that idea, i just wish Taker and Bam Bam would fight in real life at Wrestlemania 11 instead of giving Bam Bam a chance to fight LT, and Undertaker having to fight King Kong Bundy, oh and i'm interested to see what you will be doing with the urn whether you will give it back to The Undertaker or have somebody of course take it, but this feud with Bam Bam i don't see that ending too, i would have the two end their feud at the first In Your House with some kind of gimmick,

Hunter Hearst Helmsley he's already made a big impact in your BTB challenging one of the underrated stars i think Tatanka, Tatanka went from being a native, to joining the Million Dollar Corporation and going down the uppercards once again in where he was jobbed many times, i don't see Tatanka winning at Wrestlemania to a newcomer, i would much rather push Hunter, there could be big stars Hunter could face like Diesel, Razor Ramon, The Undertaker and Bret Hart.

Yokozuna and Hakushi as well scoring singles wins over the WWF Tag Team Champions definitely spells trouble for the Smoking Gunns, i see Yoko and Hakushi taking the gold, hell. That could be a dangerous team any WWF Tag Teams would've contended with in 1995 if they teamed up in real life

as much as i'm a big fan of Bob Backlund being a threat to Owen's intercontinental title, i like the idea of Backlund challenging it, but i don't see Backlund taking the gold because that would be too weak for Backlund to win the belt and then lose it like he did with the WWF Title for three days when Diesel beat him for it

speaking of Diesel, Diesel and HBK, this is going to be an intense end at Wrestlemania 11, but i do think after this, Sid will dump Shawn Michaels but have the storyline into where the Million Dollar Corporation helps Sid beat up on Shawn Michaels the next night after RAW while Shawn and Sid have their argument and let Diesel come out to chase off all the members of the Corporation,

I'm anxious to see about Savio Vega too whether he will be at Wrestlemania and whether he will be booked or not, i say give Savio a standard match at Wrestlemania, you said there was going to be a 10-man Tag Team Match i say give Savio the chance and let him be the star in this match,

the big one i'm more than interested in, Bret Hart and Razor Ramon for Wrestlemania, my pick to win the championship is definitely Razor Ramon, because they gave Razor a good year in 1994, but 1995 should've been Razor's chance to win the World Wrestling Federation Championship, so i would give Razor the WWF Title and i don't see the idea of Razor turning Heel as well, i say Razor should stay a face for as long and hang on to the WWF Title til the end of 1995,

i'm excited for the Go-Home RAW before Wrestlemania, can't wait for that.

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