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Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment

Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento California
NWF Saturday Night Warzone

The show opens and police officers surround the ring and stage. NWF President Lex Luger then is helped to the ring by NWF officials DDP and Justin Credible.

Ladies and gentlemen here we are tonight in the Warzone. Or so it seems anyhow. I've been given the direct order from the owners of the National Broadcasting Company, Steve Burke and Bob Greenblatt that this show will no longer feature the chaos it has. If anyone, and i mean anyone is to fight or even strike another employee of the National Wrestling Federation, they will be given a 60 day suspension without pay.

This was not my decision and I have the unfortunate news of informing all of you, but i will not let this federation fall under my rule. If any of you want to fight, take it to the streets, the parking lots, hell go back to Antonio's house if you want. Just don't....do it here. Now let's get this show on the road.
The crowd boos and Luger is escorted out as only a few police officers remain and the rest walk the building. Don West and Matt Striker then carry on with recaps and Jason Gory spits blood onto the stage and enters the ring. Tyson Kidd comes out after him with Isis The Amazon. Of course with a mic in hand.

You can put the NWF on lockdown and keep us from fighting, but in that ring i'm still kicking Jason's ass, then old man river gets his hip broken at Punishment. If Lex then wants to prove he's still the big man i'll take his old ass on too.
Kidd tosses the mic and hits the ring.

Tyson Kidd Vs Jason Gory
Tyson gets brutal in the beginning of the bout trying to take down Jason by his knees. He locks on a figure 4 and Jason gets to the rope. Gory then gets out and gets several strikes on Tyson until Kidd kicks his knee out. The two then throw hard fists at each other and the referee has to pull the two apart. Tyson and Jason then stare each other as the two now have grapple and go back to mat wrestling. Jason then takes advantage by a moonsault off the third rope and Kidd hits a knee in mid air and locks on the sharpshooter. Jason taps out from the hold after a few seconds.

Your Winner: Tyson Kidd

Kidd rolls out and leaves with Isis. We follow backstage where Sadistic Fame are talking about the announcement by Lex as they walk into their locker room. They go in and find spray paint all over including phrases such as "Kiss my picture perfect ass", "Sydistiko has a London accent.", "Kendrick stole my jacket.", and "This doesn't count as fighting."
Their stuff is also messed up and tables are flipped over. They start yelling and slam the door shut.

Commercial break.

We come back and Teddy Hart is in the ring as the cruiserweight champion Petey Williams is at the top of the stage.

"Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey Williams Vs Teddy Hart
Williams dominates most of the match but Hart gets a slight chance ot win after whipping him over the ropes and suicide diving onto him. Petey then is suplexed back and forth but jumps back by a kick and the Canadian Destroyer, ultimately stopping Hart and getting the pin.

Your Winner: Petey Williams

Backstage we see Allison Danger interview Ace Steel.

Allison Danger with "Last Chance" Ace Steel

Ace, tomorrow night you get your cruiserweight title shot against Petey Williams and-
Petey Williams walks onto set and Ace bumps him and walks to the ramp.

Steel stands in the ring and Amazing Red makes an entrance.

Ace Steel Vs Amazing Red

Steel is dropped a few times by Red's agility but he ultimately takes over and stomps Amazing all over the ring. Ace then hits the Steel Spike from the top rope and Red is out cold. Steel gets the pinfall victory.

Your Winner: Ace Steel

We then gets a recap of Ace Vs Petey showing the both dominate everyone they've faced.

Commercial break.

Back to the show and Cliff Compton comes out wearing a leather jacket with Bob Holly's face covered in bruises airbrushed on the back. Compton is booed severely and shouts insults at the crowd. M-Dogg 20 comes out after him.

Cliff Compton Vs M-Dogg 20

An even match bout, Cliff brawls as M-Dogg goes his new era style of wrestling mixed with mat wrestling. Compton is a bit overpowered by M-Dogg but still carries brutality. Cliff then lands a piledriver, stopping M in his tracks. He only gets a 2 and a half though due to ring awareness by his opponent. Cliff then resorts to cheap shots but M-Dogg then lands several arm drags and a heel kick. He follows up with the shooting star press and Cliff elbows M-Dogg in the temple during the pin. Both are tired out and Compton hits a quick knee to the skull and passes out on the mat along with M-Dogg. The count hits 10 and the ref rings the bell.

This match is a draw.

NWF official Perry Saturn then walks out to a surprisingly large pop and tells them to restart the match.

Cliff Compton Vs M-Dogg 20 (Rematch)

The two struggle to get up and M-Dogg is dazed from the knee. The two hit a double clothesline and fall again. Cliff gets up faster this time and rests in the corner. The crowd chants for them to keep going and M-Dogg tackles Cliff to the mat outside the ring. M-Dogg is further weakened and Cliff only crawls across the mat. Compton then cheaply drop toe holds M-Dogg ontot he barricade and his head snaps back into unconsciousness. The ref's count is one nine and Compton pulls himself into the ring and wins by count out.

Your Winner by count out: Cliff Compton

We then get a video package of Bob Holly Vs Cliff Compton.

Commercial break

We come back to Bob Backlund in a fitness gym with Cabana.

Now boy, 0-3. That's 3 losses too many! You givin' up on me? What if i gave up when i was a world champion? Huh!? Yeah! Exactly. Now here we are in this where i'm gonna whip you back into shape. I'm not doing it alone either.
Wh-what do you mean?
Boy this is your training day, your eye of the tiger you're getting back! And this, is Haku.
Haku belly to belly slams Colt onto a mat and we get several shots of Cabana asking for help as Backlund yells "You're learning endurance boy!"
then we return back to the Warzone. We see Jeff Jarrett in the ring with a mic and Austin Creed backstage shadow boxing.

Big daddy is about to get a big beatdown. Via the consequences he's asked for.
Is Apollo back there? Come on it's your big chance. The Aplha Male vs the Alpha Prick.
Austin then stands on stage nodding his head and cracking his knuckles.

Jeff Jarrett Vs "Consequences" Austin Creed

Jarrett has a size advantage but Creed brings strategy and agility Jeff didn't expect. Austin gives him a run around and a couple of good lefts and rights. Jarrett then lands a Russian leg sweep preceding an elbow and all momentum is lost. Jarrett only gets a two count and Creed starts to give him a bunch of gut shots but Jeff hits the rope and lands a drop kick to stop him. Jeff now takes control and Creed is overpowered by strength and the veteran's knowledge. Jarrett is about to hit the stroke but Creed gets out and punches him into the ropes and Jeff is tied up.

Austin gives a boxing beatdown to him but Jarrett hits his right fist and then his stomach. The ref unties him and Jarrett stomps on Creed's hand. Pulling him up the Alpha Male lands the stroke and gets the pin.

Your Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett raises his arms in victory and Austin holds his hand in pain. Backstage however we see Nick Mondo takes deep breaths as he warms up. Lanny walks by and wishes him good luck, because god knows he needs it more than anyone. Jerry Lynn then walks up to Nick.

Look Nick, i know you're hurt. I know you got a bad back on you. I'm not gonna go cheap, i won't target your back, i won't go dirty. But if you cheap shot me, you try to hurt me, i'm going to take you down. I don't wanna do it, but i will. Alright?
Yeah, thanks...
Lynn walks up to the stage and Nick takes a deep inhale.

"Sick" Nick Mondo Vs Jerry Lynn

Nick walks out slowly and shakes his head. The bell rings and the two hook up and Jerry goes light on him by attacking his chest. He irish whips him to the corner and delivers five Flair chops and Nick stumbles then turns to get a side kick to Jerry's ribcage. He follows up with the same attack and irish whips him and lands a drop kick. He wipes the sweat off his head in disbelief. Lynn then counters with a toe hold into a sleeper hold.

Mondo gets out and stomps on his foot, to land a DDT. Jerry crawls to the corner and looks at him funny after the stomp. Tyson Kidd then walks out down the ramp with a mic, as police officers surround him. Isis stands in their way and Tyson continues,

Look at this! A half cripple is taking down a quote on quote "legend" of extreme or hardcore or whatever you pretended to be for the past 30 years.
Mondo is turned and Lynn goes to strike but remembers his back.

Go ahead! Go on Jerry cripple the guy all over again! Who is the bully again? Not Bob Holly or Cliff Compton but this abusive senior citizen who doesn't know when to give up and walk off into the sunset, and stop taking up the spotlight THAT I SHOULD HAVE RIGHT NOW!
Mondo and Lynn stare at each other then back to Tyson. Lynn is about to suicide dive onto him but stops in his tracks because of the officers. Nick then takes advantage and hits the Life cutter and gets the pinfall.

Your Winner: "Sick" Nick Mondo

Nick is in disbelief and Tyson is cracking up. Mondo runs to the back and is crazy about his win. Team Bank$ walk past him celebrating and crack their knuckles. The Tailor Made Express are a few yards behind trying out new team jackets. Jerry Lynn then tosses his wrist bands at the wall and takes a seat. Team Bank$ enter the ring and The Tailor Made Express follow.

Team Bank$ Vs The Tailor Made Express

Monty Brown and Michael Tarver just destroy Alex Riley in the match until he gets a tag to Burchill. He puts up little fight but more than Alex did. Riley does make a contribution after hitting Brown off the apron and trying to fight him outside, but Monty spinebusters him down and Michael powerbombs Burchill and gets the pinfall.

Your Winners: Team Bank$

The Basham Brothers then show up on the screen and Carlito stands in front of them and says they'll see who the toughest tag team is tomorrow night. Carlito is also taped up quite a bit.

Commercial break

We come back to Jason Gory in the parking lot leaving as he tells Allison Danger to get away. Kevin Thorn and Judas Mesias then show up. They stand in his way and Thorn talks.

This isn't the arena anymore, and we aren't going to have a carbon copy running around.
Krimson then makes his appearance as he stands behind the two.

So we needed an official entry.
Krimson, Gory and Mesias welcome Jason in and M-Dogg 20 opens the door to leave, as he has an ice pack on his head. The four stare him down and M-Dogg backs off inside and grabs a near by pipe as they back off, saying his time will come. M-Dogg escapes the Alliance for now. As we head back to the ring and Shad Gaspard is waiting for Jushin Liger.

The Great Muta then creeps to the ring from the audience and Jushin enters. The two make eye contact and Liger gets in the ring.

Shad Gaspard Vs Jushin "Thunder" Liger

Power Vs speed. Both pack style into the match as this is one of the most interesting fights of the night. Liger keeps tabs on Muta in the audience as Shad is always on his tail. Jushin almost gets a win with a missile drop kick but Shad reverses the pin into a powerbomb. Jushin will not lose though.

Liger keeps up the pace until Muta hops the rail and he spots him. Whileo n the top rope, Shad forearms him and chokeslams him. He then drags the Japanese legend and hits the STO, resulting in the pinfall due to distraction by Muta.

Your Winner and No. 1 Contender for the TV title: Shad Gaspard

Muta nods and heads to the back. Just as we cut backstage Mr. Wrestling III is warming up and Rhyno is heading to the ring. A recap of the previous brawls and West and Striker hype up the first bout with Mr. Wrestling III.

"The War Machine" Rhyno Vs Mr. Wrestling III

Rhyno enters first and patiently awaits his opponent. III enters in jacket and mask as usual, not changing his outfit to give away his identity. This is by far the most exciting match of the night. Rhyno and Mr. Wrestling put on a clinic trying to stop each other and Rhyno shows no weakness, as Mr. Wrestling is starting to wear a bit. He then lands a tiger suplex and stops the War machine briefly. He locks on a crossface, similar to Antonio's and Rhyno powers out.

Mr. Wrestling then stumbles to the corner and Rhyno sets up his finisher yelling, "GORE! GORE! GORE!" He just misses though and his the ring post. Mr. Wrestling goes for a Dragon sleeper right after. Rhyno then lifts Mr., while in the hold, and up into a tombstone piledriver. He only barely kicks out and Rhyno sets up the Gore again, but III hits a spinning heel kick.

The two still don't stop fighting and Rhyno lands the flapjack and almost ends it with the Rhino Driver. III just barely gets a shoulder up and Rhyno cannot believe this.

Don West:
Whoever this guy is he must be a helluva fighter!
A view backstage sees Elijah, Carlito, and the rest of the roster in disbelief at this match. Antonio is covering his mouth in fear of trying to finish this guy. Back to the match as Mr. Wrestling gets a roll up, but only a two count. Rhyno then drops the belly to belly and gets an armbar. Mr. Wrestling somehow lifts Rhyno and slams him. The mystery man then runs the ropes and gets a standing senton onto him and still doesn't get the count.

The two continue to mat wrestle and fight it out for well over seventeen minutes in total, until Rhyno lands the Gore! and drops Mr. Wrestling. He goes for the pin, hooks the leg and 1, 2 and bam! Rhyno fades out as Mr. Wrestling has locked on a sleeper hold. The inverted choke hold as Rhyno faded until he almost slips out. Pushed to the corner, Mr. Wrestling climbs up the turnbuckle while still holding him, and Rhyno falls back off the top rope, and onto the announce table by the ring. The table breaks through and the referee counts them both out.

This match is a count out.

Antonio Bank$ then rushes out with his boys who hold off the cops while he tries to take the mask off. Mr. Wrestling is saved by officers pulling Antonio back and Carlito enters the scene with the contract for the match in hand. Colon has his torso and head bandaged noticeably. Bank$ tries to push his way through the police but can't. Brown and Tarver step back because they don't want to be suspended, so the two are forced to the back by officers and security guards.

Rhyno crawls from the wreckage and lies by the barricade and Carlito signs his name on the dotted line. Bank$ is still trying to get the mask, but officers pull him back, as he backs, Carlito shoves him into police. They mistake this for force and one draws a cattle prod like taser and stuns Antonio. He twitches and collapses. Carlito forces his hand to sign the contract and smirks as he holds up the paper and the show closes.

Matt Cross Wanted Dead Not Alive.
National Wrestling Federation: The Investment
Can NBC's new stake in wrestling survive?

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