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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by SmokeAndMirrors View Post
Speaking of Mick Foley I am super psyched for his new DVD set coming out.
Any date announced?

Originally Posted by WOOLCOCK View Post
I think I'm just pre-conditioned into what I think a 'mask vs career' match should be worked as, and sadly it came off more like a typical Steen hardcore match than a true war which could separate itself from other matches. Like I said I just don't think Steen is a good 'brawler' compared to being a decent hardcore worker. His offence doesn't ever really look brutal or vicious and I just thought the whole thing lacked any real drama or oomph. Dead crowd obviously played a part in that by not reacting to largely anything but I guess Steen and Generico and ROH have different views on what a brawl should be. Different strokes for different folks.

I can't recall if you're much of a Lucha enthusiast, but watch this match as I'd call it a top 3 brawl of all time. Up there with the best Lawler fight:

Sangre Chicana vs Perro Aguayo 2/28/86: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QupMDu8c8Ts

Footage isn't great but I think it adds to the charm of the match. Me and Andy regularly cite the best Lucha brawls as looking like human cockfighting. The ring looks stained with every trace of human DNA and fluid, the bumps and offence are horrificly violent and the drama is constantly at a high thanks to the crowd and wonderfully expressive selling. Andy linked me to a great description of Sangre Chicana the other day, and it really does describe what makes his matches so raw and captivating:
I knew it wouldn't go much beyond Steen teasing the early rip off of the mask. Only I can't remember if Steen was threatened with a DQ warning considering the rules of the Apuesta match with a mask on the line. I looked at it as ROH putting both of the highest stakes possible on the line only for the reason of adding more to the match since it was slated as the "final" battle, pun intended of course. My love of it does dwindle down more and more on rewatches, but I do like it. That's not gonna change. I think it loses its luster when compared to other matches. For what it was - I can dig it. I did think their Last Man Standing blew it away and suited Steen better b/c he wasn't trying to do crazy gnarly spots as he was just trying to ravage Generico to not make the count. Where as in the Fight Without Honor he could have tuned things up better. I'd be more confident in Steen's brawls if I saw the one vs Necro Butcher in a about April of 2008. Personally I think Steen shines when he's rolling in a traditional bout and lets his explosive offense shine on through. Plus, he's a great bully character too. It's what has driven the force in a lot of matches vs Generico.

I don't know if I would claim I'm a Lucha 'enthusiast' quite yet. I'm a fan of course. Love it plenty to appreciate and dig the grand matches/workers to every work down there. I'll favorite the match to witness the beauty of it. And by beauty, I mean the sheer sleaze I can expect from the dirty scoundrels brawling. Bulk of the Lucha I've watched lately has been featuring Negro Casas and his epic trips in what seems to be every Apuesta match EVER.

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