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Re: I'm sold on Del Rio as a face

Originally Posted by Phantomdreamer View Post
Like expected you completely missed the point. You said haters gonna hate implying that i'm a hater of Del Rio, i'm anything but. I came up with decent points about Del Rio of which you could not counter in any way, shape or form. Where as your criticism of Sheamus is not well thought out, it isn't decent or valid points and neither is it a well reasoned or constructive argument, you simply spout crap like he sucks or he is boring without giving any real reasons. I'm saying this as a guy who isn't really a fan of Sheamus either. Whatever though I wont clog up this thread with a silly back and fourth between us, lets just say you enjoy Del Rio's work atm and I don't. Although I will give his face turn a chance and give him some time to change my view of him.
LOL Obvious ADR hater, obviously you wont admit you are one. Anyone can like and dislike any wrestler they like but at least have the balls to admit you are a hater, you shawn morrison and some others just come to bash the guy, putting all the blame on him, now im wondering if you will ever really give him a chance or you're using to end an argument, ADR is a hard worker guy and a talented individual, in fact he has been in the business less time since most of the current wrestlers but is one of the most talented(he was busy with his architecture studies, grecoroman and MMA so wrestling is the last thing that ADR is doing), his heel run was ok for me but it had no direction and bad booking that IMO its nowhere his fault, you always look at him and he tried to use the tools that they gave him, but they didnt work, now as a face is obvious that he is a likeable character, but haters/people , even without reading that he got a reaction similar to the rock or even skipped the match, then come here and bash a guy telling he was not over it was edited and that is because it was the latino crowd, it could be truth and it was a latino crowd, but its kinda sad that some people here spent smackdown main event counting how many latinos where in the building than actually watching the match

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