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Re: I'm sold on Del Rio as a face

Originally Posted by Phantomdreamer View Post
Like expected you completely missed the point. You said haters gonna hate implying that i'm a hater of Del Rio, i'm anything but. I came up with decent points about Del Rio of which you could not counter in any way, shape or form.
Oh mother of god why some of you act so much like heels doing a fucking smartass promo xD, this was your comment.

''Agreed that Hispanic audiendce is a big part of wrestling. Tell me why Del Rio has come out to crickets for 99% of his career though and don't tell me it's because he was a heel.''

I did a hate bro comment and you go ballistic with things like :

remember its easier to get people to hate you than to like you.

As facts so in your mind is impossible that he can't get a reaction as a face e_e.. I already explained to you I live here on Mexico ADR had a good career as a face, but again you people only care of what happen on WWE,Sheamus well, promos being unbearable, superman booking and his new comedian antics are more than enough valid points for me to dislike a wrestler.

Whatever though I wont clog up this thread

As you wish.

Make Wrestling fun again, Promo Workers > In Ring Skills Workrate Nerds.

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