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Re: I'm sold on Del Rio as a face

Originally Posted by Brodus Clay View Post
Again dude every time you come with your ''facts'' there are no more than opinions, ADR is fucking big on Mexico a lot more than Khali is on the India of course a lot of you ignore all the years he was a face here, but that's the reason why Vince wanted him and he pushes him nonstop no matter if the American crowds doesn't give a fuck for him, and in a way I agree with you, his gimmick and direction being somewhat odd for a babyface and I fear they gonna ruin him like Sheamus making him do the same babyface antics current WWE bookers like.

What was that? xD some kind of payback? I always was a honest hater of Sheamus I never hide that he could get released and I would mark for that , since he debuted I never liked him funny thing hes more bearable to me as a face than when he was heel, but still

remember its easier to get people to hate you than to like you.

Who say that? Jericho?, I hate how everyone take that stupid quote like some kind of universal truth.
Like expected you completely missed the point. You said haters gonna hate implying that i'm a hater of Del Rio, i'm anything but. I came up with decent points about Del Rio of which you could not counter in any way, shape or form. Where as your criticism of Sheamus is not well thought out, it isn't decent or valid points and neither is it a well reasoned or constructive argument, you simply spout crap like he sucks or he is boring without giving any real reasons. I'm saying this as a guy who isn't really a fan of Sheamus either. Whatever though I wont clog up this thread with a silly back and fourth between us, lets just say you enjoy Del Rio's work atm and I don't. Although I will give his face turn a chance and give him some time to change my view of him.

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