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Re: *TNA Genesis 2013 Discussion*

Thoughts & Predictions:

Mickie James Vs. Velvet Sky Vs. Brooke Tessmacher Vs. Gail Kim Vs. ODB
- I like that they didn't force another title match and try to make contendership a big deal. I wish they had just done a big one on one match though. Mickie Vs. Velvet is the one I was thinking of. Oh well. I'll pick Velvet Sky to win and, if TNA is smart, they will not have her cash in on her title shot until Lockdown and then spend all that time in between building it up.

Kenny King Vs. Christian York
- Again, it is nice to see them trying to bulk up the division and try to build something that resembles a ranking. Kenny and York are the two hot new stars in the division at the moment, so it was wise to go with them to be in the finals. Hopefully they are able to have a good match together. Given that he has been more heelish lately, I will go with Kenny King to win it and then go on to face Rob Van Dam for the title.

Rob Van Dam -c- Vs. Kenny King
- Personally, I would just have the winner of the tournament defeat Rob Van Dam. Have him og in as the underdog having wrestled previously and then go on to be the big star in Rob Van Dam. Seems like a nice set up for that. So I'll go with Kenny King to win the X Title here and be the next centerpiece of the division.

Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez -c- Vs. Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan
- I am a little surprised they didn't make this match No DQ considering the previous championship match between these teams ended in a DQ. Oh well. I have enjoyed this Morgan/Ryan pairing, and I wish they'd give them more TV time actually. Ryan is a great character that stands out and Morgan makes great muscle for him to talk tough while hiding behind. And Morgan has actually been working like a big guy lately and it works much better. So personally, I would give the belts to Ryan & Morgan and I think they will get the belts too.

"Cowboy" James Storm Vs. Christopher Daniels
- Should be a really good match and I am expecting this to be the sleeper hit of the show. The problem though is in the build up. It felt like Storm just made Daniels & Kaz look like jokers the whole time and they couldn't get over on him at all. Makes me think that Daniels is going to win because of that and like others, I am expecting AJ Styles to show up and cost Storm the match to set up their grudge match at Lockdown in March. We shall see if that happens.

Joseph Park Vs. Devon
- The Aces & Eights have been bastardized lately. It feels like they lose all the time and can't get over on anybody (what they did with Mike Knox on Impact this week was ridiculous). This is a far cry from where they were before when DOC was taking out people with a hammer and they were just terrorizing the company left & right, with no one knowing when they were going to strike. If they want to keep the Aces & Eights looking strong heading into Lockdown, they have to start kicking ass again. Devon should win this match because of it. Now I will say this, it is great having Joseph Park back. He is an awesome underdog character and really entertaining.

"The Icon" Sting Vs. D.O.C.
- Pretty much saying the same thing here as I did for the last match. The problem though is that there is no way on Earth DOC is going to win this one. Sting will win it because it is his return. Honestly though, if they wanted to be daring and again, put heat on their big heel stable, I'd have DOC go over and get a shock win. I guess it is a fine return match for Sting given the circumstances though.

"The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy -c- Vs. "The It Factor" Bobby Roode Vs. "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" Austin Aries
- Well Hardy is going to retain. I don't doubt that at all. So yes, Jeff Hardy retains. Because it is obviously a face win coming, it kind of feels like a throwaway PPV main event. However, with Roode & Aries mixed together for this one, I expect this match to be fun. Making it an elimination match also freshen things up a bit. I am not overly excited about Hardy's reign continuing because there just isn't anything interesting about it. But I expect a good main event here regardless.

So not a bad card, but hopefully they do something a bit dynamic with it to help it stand out a bit in execution.


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