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Re: I'm sold on Del Rio as a face

Originally Posted by Phantomdreamer View Post
I'm not hating, you're marking. I have done nothing but state the facts, Del Rio has so far done nothing differently in his face turn apart from apologise to Ricardo. He has got 1 reaction in front of a highly populated latino audience and 0 reaction for his previous WWE career and you think he is all of a sudden a top quality babyface. Sorry but it just doesn't work like that, so far he has proved nothing and hasn't even really changed his character much at all and we are supposed to suddenly believe he is a babyface? I'm not a hater, I will give him his chance to show me he is a top quality babyface performer and if he improves then I will give the guy all the credit in the world. So far all Del Rio has shown me that he is a top in ring performer who is very one dimensional and actually quite bad on the mic and couldn't get any heel heat despite getting a major push, remember its easier to get people to hate you than to like you. If he succeeds in all of this then I will happily eat humble pie and hold my hands up. Tbh I would love for him to prove my wrong, don't see it happening personally though.
Again dude every time you come with your ''facts'' there are no more than opinions, ADR is fucking big on Mexico a lot more than Khali is on the India of course a lot of you ignore all the years he was a face here, but that's the reason why Vince wanted him and he pushes him nonstop no matter if the American crowds doesn't give a fuck for him, and in a way I agree with you, his gimmick and direction being somewhat odd for a babyface and I fear they gonna ruin him like Sheamus making him do the same babyface antics current WWE bookers like.

Originally Posted by Phantomdreamer View Post
One last thing, you're the hater my friend, I have seen the way you talk about Sheamus on this forum and most of it is complete nonsense, you never have anything constructive to say in your arguments against him. All I ever try and do is state the facts as best as I see them.
What was that? xD some kind of payback? I always was a honest hater of Sheamus I never hide that he could get released and I would mark for that , since he debuted I never liked him funny thing hes more bearable to me as a face than when he was heel, but still

remember its easier to get people to hate you than to like you.

Who say that? Jericho?, I hate how everyone take that stupid quote like some kind of universal truth.

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