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Re: What would it take for RAW to go back to TV-14?

Originally Posted by TJC93 View Post
If TNA ever somehow surpassed WWE
That wouldn't cause WWE to go PG. That cause them to book their shows better and have a better wrestling product.

Originally Posted by JigsawKrueger View Post
Raw is the main show and it turn its content influences everything.

Huge drop in toy sales
Since 2010 they have been up significantly. Mattel rebooted them and gave them much more exposure in stores.

Huge drop in sales of child friendly babyfaces (e.g Cena, Ryder, Santino, Mysterio, Cara etc)
They keep buying Cena gear. WWE shop orders are strong.

Losing several sponsors
Since moving to PG they gained new family friendly sponsors: 7-Eleven, Mars, Mattel etc. They are working with ABC family, not to mention the Scooby Doo franchise under Warner Bros.

The CW drops WWE
Saturday Morning Slam has proven another success.
This is the only logical answer I saw in this thread.
Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
How can they know it if they don't try it?
Because what's the point of fixing something that isn't broken? There's no problem with the rating with the show, the problem is Vince and Creative not knowing how to write compelling storylines or book talent anymore. That's the thing a lot of you don't realize. PG isn't the problem.

Originally Posted by Ryu Hayabusa View Post
Oh God, a higher rating wont magically make things better there's alot more to it then that.
Thank you. Too bad so many people here can't stop being so ignorant and think a little further than, "PG IS Y DIZ SUCKZSZ!!!1!"

Originally Posted by mrgagentleman View Post
I still don't get why TV-14 is necessary.

If it takes obsessive cursing,blood, and T&A for you to be entertained, then you need to grow up.

BTW, the best year for wrestling IMO ('97) was PG. All PG.
Thank you, as well.

Originally Posted by Lee_oh_Lee View Post
Explain. How is it bullshit?
Originally Posted by TheRockPwnsAll View Post
Exactly this.

Tv-14 =/= A good product. They still need good writers/booking to make the product better. They would still need wrestlers that actually have gimmicks and not just a name in some wrestling gear. As much as I loved the AE, they're were some fucking terrible moments as well. And we don't need a AE 2.0 now to have a good product.
Exactly, blood, gore, and T&A don't make a good wrestling show. That's the point so many don't get. It takes good writing and talented wrestlers.
Originally Posted by The Winning One™ View Post
God, you people are ignorant.
Glad I'm not the only one that noticed.
Originally Posted by BigWillie54 View Post
So never.......smh shame

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Originally Posted by bigdog40 View Post
They can still do compelling storylines without being TV-14. Even if WWE was TV-14, it would still be shit, but you would have more over the stop shit on TV.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

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