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Re: REAL heels vs IWC heels

WWE have just become shit at making likeble faces and hateble heels. TNA do a much better job at this, disproving the notion that it's impossible to make good faces and heels in the traditional sense in this modern era. Look at Bobby Roode for example.. he gets pure heel heat, despite the fact he is over with the IWC.. or James Storm, who has got himself over as a top face in the past year or so with great mic work. While WWE keep making Sheamus do jokes about his Uncle Paddy and Cena making poop jokes, fans will continue to rally behind guys like Punk and Ziggler.

This is exactly the reason Austin broke out in 1997.. he started as a heel, but his badass attitude was getting him the biggest pops in the arenas. Similarly, Bret Hart was getting booed well before his heel turn, as fans had grown sick of his tired babyface act. That's why the double turn at WM13 went so smoothly. People forget Bret and Austin were already getting booed and cheered respectively before they went into the match.

I think this is the reason why Ryback has been such a success, too. His gimmick is that he doesn't give a fuck and just wants to destroy everyone in sight. He doesn't need to cut a 20 minute promo with jokes to get over, or even say anything.. the Goldberg comparisons are true, even beyond the streak, the power moves and the bald/goatee image.. Goldberg didn't have to say a word and he had the fans in the palm of his hand. Ryback, despite some dodgy booking decisions since HIAC and beyond, will be a mega star if he continues on in this fashion. He really needs a huge win to elevate him up to the top tier now though - it should have come already.

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