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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

It took me ages to work out a way to do this but I put in the Attitude Era Raw is War and WWF SmackDown (a roster I created seperately to divide the massive Raw Is War roster and to make it a "major" show) along with the current WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown. They have seperate PPV's apart from the four major PPV's which are shared between Raw Is War and WWE Raw leaving usually 2 months of build before a PPV encounter. There is a mix of Attitude Era PPV's and modern day PPV's.

Usual Weekly Schedule -
Monday: Raw Is War
Tuesday: WWE Raw
Thursday: WWF SmackDown!
Friday: WWE SmackDown

I was going to add minor shows but I notice that these just seem a bit pointless by repeating the matches we've already seen on the same week's Raw or SmackDown.
Title Allocation (*** denotes use in multiple shows) -
Raw Is War:
WWF Championship 98-02 (MAJOR) ***
Classic Intercontinental Championship (MINOR)
World Tag Team Championship 02-10 (TAG) ***
Women's Championship (DIVAS) ***
WWE Raw:
WWE Championship (MAJOR)
Intercontinental Championship (MINOR) ***
World Tag Team Championship 02-10 (TAG) ***
Women's Championship (DIVAS) ***
WWF SmackDown!:
WWF Championship 98-02 (MAJOR) ***
Hardcore Championship (MINOR)
WWE SmackDown:
World Heavyweight Championship (MAJOR)
Intercontinental Championship (MINOR) ***

The WWF Championship is the pinnacle for all WWF performers both in Raw Is War and WWF SmackDown!, one major title between the two WWF shows making talent appearing on both shows a regularity.

Each WWF brand however has it's own midcard title. Raw is War has the Classic Intercontinental Belt and WWF SmackDown! has the Hardcore Championship. Although I mainly did this to include the Hardcore Championship. I'm considering unifying the midcard belts between Raw Is War and WWF SmackDown! like I have for the WWE shows.

The Tag Team division is huge, there is one World Tag Team Championship and it involves teams from both WWF and WWE. There is a large amount of interchanging between shows with teams because of this, all competing to rise to the top of the mountain. To involve as many teams as possible, all tag team superstars are allocated to the flagship RAW shows.

The WWE Championship belongs to WWE Raw and the World Heavyweight Championship belongs to WWE SmackDown, following the same model in real life. Unifying the two major WWE titles is tempting and something I'm considering doing.

The US Title is abolished and there is only one midcard title in WWE, the Intercontinental Championship. Both WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown superstars compete for one midcard title, increasing the interchanging of talent between both shows.

The Women's Division is shared between WWF Raw Is War and WWE Raw. To involve as many Divas as possible, all women are allocated to these flagship brands.

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