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Re: Explain how Goldberg is still awesome and Ryback sucks?

The thing with Goldberg that he was in a restricted role. He barely talked, yet his character was hot as anybodys. He didn't wrestle technically well or have many moves, his matches were still exciting. He did a whole lot with pure minimalism and succeeded. His whole in-ring work was 100% dependant on heavily refined storytelling, at no point, during no single match was he made out to look weak, even when selling, he was explosive at every second. He didn't make epic comebacks, even against bigger guy, instead he toughened up and stroke like a pitbull, he literally shaked off the pain with his head movement for emphasis, not to mention he was always displayed as a guy who would overpower other wrestlers of the same size with ease. With Ryback, he just follows the bland formula of how bigger guys are supposed to act. It's little things like these that make a huge difference.

Same goes for promos/backstage segments. While Goldberg would barely talk, he would show intensity and he was always short and to the point. He wasn't scowling and doing pissed faces for a minute and letting other guys speak for hours before doing anything, he was fast to explode in action when another guy was in the ring. Ryback just hesitates WAAAAY too much in comparision, he starts attacking like any other wrestler, except he is beeing marketed as not beeing every other wrestler. He is far more passive agressive than an all out badass.

That said, Ryback doesn't "suck", he's just a victim of duplicating an art that was already mastered by another wrestler from the past, and he's never going to reach that level, it's simply a ridiculously high standard to match.
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