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Re: I'm sold on Del Rio as a face

I agree. Del Rio as a face is a much needed turn for him. I also don't think his mic skills are that bad. Certainly no worse than Wade Barret's. And ADR is leagues ahead of Barret in the ring. I'm interested in the direction they go with him.

lol@Barret being brought up every time someone else gets a push on Smackdown. You guys do realize, he wouldn't even be main eventing on TNA, right? I would be surprised if he was even in the upper midcard there. Barret is a middle of the pack talent. All he's going going for him is his size. If he's going to amount to anything with that cardboard personality, he needs to bulk up.

Originally Posted by Phantomdreamer View Post
That was in Miami with a high latino fanbase. He barely gets any reaction anywhere else and he still has everything to prove in my opinion. Del Rio hasn't won an important match in practically a year, lost to Sheamus 3-4 times in a row and now wins the World Heavyweight title on Smackdown? Sorry but the whole booking of this has been absolutely horrible in my opinion.
It's a setup for Ziggler to cash in. You should have known Ziggler wasn't going to cash in on Big Show or Sheamus. It's going to be on ADR.
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