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re: Star Wars New Republic Mafia - Game Thread - NIGHT 6

Originally Posted by Mikey Damage View Post
thinking about if anyone tried to look townish by avoiding the roger wagon. dan and big man. they both didn't like the roger wagon. perhaps because they knew he was town, and they wanted to try to look good by not lynching town?

well, dan jumped on. big man did not.

big man, noted.
I guess i'd fall under the same category. The wagon started for no real reason and took off where various others had failed. I imagine Big saw the same shit I did. Maybe i'll eat my words but I doubt it.

Originally Posted by chr1st0 View Post
Yo doc get on this post.

meh unvote

I'm with you on bigman there mikey
I think this was quoting came2play's post where he jumped onto the Sterling wagon but Scrilla seems to be confirming him so I don't really care to pay much attention to came2play right now.

Originally Posted by TKOK View Post


Fuck it
Vote:Icametoplay. even for a new person i'm not digging his/her play.
TKOK you're missing all sorts this game, are you paying attention? A came2play vote is probably wasted right now and it just seems like you're picking on the vulnerable.

Originally Posted by Nov View Post
Why do you want them to come out now? Not necessary, or in any way helpful.
If you assume the double voter is town sure but i've seen plenty of scum double voters so i'd rather force them into an early claim, give them less time to come up with a fake if they're scum.

sXe giving me scummy vibes, he's being overly insulting/aggressive which i've noticed he does as scum, I think he does it as town too but not to this degree.

My vote is most likely wasted at this point but Unvote. Vote sXe

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