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My problem with The Rock (and The Rock's fans)

((I fucked up the title, I meant to write The Rock marks, apologies, and if someone who can change it would do that, it'd be appreciated. ))

The Rock sucks.

It's simple. First let me begin by saying that all the John Cena haters will say they hate John Cena because he panders to the fans, which I'll admit he does. But the thing which annoys me so much is that The Rock does the EXACT same as John Cena, he comes out, he does his stupid catchphrase (finally...), he makes cheap location references, cheap insults, some more stupid catchphrases which are clinging on to the success and popularity of things which happened a decade or more again, yet people mark out like fuck for him.


You complain about the product, you complain that you're not happy with the direction WWE is taking yet you all mark out for a guy who comes back a few times a year (who gives a shit if he's going to be back more in the future, he hasn't up until now and that's all that matters when I'm writing this) and bashes whoever he's in a feud with based on their looks (popeye the crackhead, what thew fuck?) and their shirts (fruity pebbles... I'll get to that later.)and makes stupid insults (cookiepuss, penis references) and rhymes and catchphrases and it's just extremely frustrating that people actually mark for this talentless piece of shit.

Also, fruity pebbles. All I have to say about fruity pebbles is that if you mark for this, you're probably one of these people who long for the Attitude Era, one of these people who long for The Rock to be back permanently, one of these PG Era haters, yet you enjoy seeing The Rock start a kids cereal chant.

And so what if The Rock 'draws', he doesn't entertain me, and I'm sure there are others who are in the same boat as me.

That's all.

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