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Originally Posted by KeepinItReal View Post
This might be a bit off-topic, but its in response to ppl who say Ziggler lacks charisma. I've heard ppl say that Punk lacks charisma, Cena lacks charisma, Sheamus, Del Rio, Miz, Ziggler, Cesaro, Orton. I know different ppl are doubting different wrestlers' charisma, so its not specific ppl each believing "they all lack it," but still, I don't understand where these opinions come from. How good do these people need to be to be recognized as decent actors BY PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING STANDARDS? The only one of those wrestlers who I think lacks charisma is Orton, and even he has decent delivery (and I used to really like him).

Ppl need to realize how rare mic skills and acting skills really are. Did Mick Foley have charisma? Undertaker? Rock? Austin? Triple H? Seriously. Only Rock and Austin stand out from the other wrestlers in this post as having GREAT acting skills (except maybe Punk AND DOLPH F'N ZIGGLER, in my opinion). Who are we comparing wrestlers to? HBO shows? Movies?

Pardon the rant, but Dolph Ziggler's the shit. I highly enjoyed his matches against both Cena and Sheamus this week. No one sells like Dolph Ziggler; if it didn't drastically break kayfabe, "salesman" would be his nickname. He lacks charisma? He's the definition of charisma! I'm not joking, I'm not exaggerating. He is the living, breathing personification of smug arrogance.

He is fantastic at what he does. Every facial expression and movement, in and out of the ring, is in character; in my opinion only the Rock compares to Dolph Ziggler in that quality. At no moment does he have a blank expression or does he just walk down to the ring like what's going on isn't special. He is the last wrestler on the roster who should be criticized for lack of charisma or acting skills. If he lacks charisma, or he lacks acting skills (since ppl might consider them different), then who the hell is better? Who on the roster has better charisma or acting skills than Dolph Ziggler??? Punk? Cena? That's it. I love Sheamus, but I know he's mediocre on the mic, the guy's just likable and entertaining. Orton? Don't you dare say Orton has more charisma than Dolph Ziggler!

thank you!

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