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Re: Pinnacle Combat :The Dark Horse Of Revolution

Pinnacle Combat : Apex Road 2
July 18th
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The scene eases into a video recap of last night's main event.

A shot of Swagger with head interviewer Susan Brooke, claiming to be the future inaugural champion.

A shot of the prestigious World Title, a slick-black belt with silver and gold plating, the words “PC” on top, “Pinnacle” in the middle, overlapping the design to the point where its length reaches the horizontal boundaries of the main plate and “Championship” on the bottom. It sparkles with the spotlight, as the twin side plates gleam one set gold and the outside secondary plates are silver. Swagger can't believe his eyes as he has his eyes glued on the championship.

A shot of Tazz telling Swagger he has to defeat Matt Hardy as Hardy rushes down the ramp and unloads punches.

A shot of Swagger hitting hardy with a massive clothesline.

A shot of both Hardy and Swagger flying off the ring apron with a twist of fate, Swagger's face hitting the steel steps and the back of Hardy's head hitting the steps.

A shot of the crimson masks of Hardy and Swagger as KENTA, Yoshi Tatsu and Goto interfere in the match.

A shot of them holding Matt Hardy as KENTA goes for a high knee to the head of Hardy but Hardy escaping by a thread, and consequently hitting Swagger.

A shot of London and the Motor City Machine Guns running down to help Hardy, then cutting to the anarchy of London fighting KENTA, MCMG fighting Tastu and Goto, and Hardy and Swagger down at out.

A shot of Hardy executing the Twist of Fate onto the announcer's table and successfully pinning Swagger to Tazz entering the chaos promptly after the match is done to restrain all 8 of these guys. Dustin appears and says that JTG will face Swagger, Paul London and KENTA in a fatal four way competition.

The scene fades to black as Dustin says “Welcome To Pinnacle Combat!” from last week.
It fades into a packed crowd and Matt Hardy in the middle, his theme song fading away so that he can speak. His arm heavily taped and he isn't as cheerful as before.

Matt Hardy : Last night, I wasn't in a fight. I was in a brawl.

The crowd cheers, thinking the exact same thing.

Matt Hardy : Swagger, wasn't my only competitor. I thought this was a one on one. Until three Asians come out and having their own little fight with me, ignoring Swagger overall until Paul London and the Motor City Machine Guns came to my “aid”.

The crowd gives a medium mixed reaction.

Hardy : I was doing fine. As you can see, I can take on four people unlike London, who can't take on three.

The crowd gives a bigger mixed reaction.

Hardy : Not saying I'm not grateful for the help, I'm just saying Swagger couldn't beat me in a fight. If I recall, KENTA hit Jack Swagger with a high knee. Right?

The crowd cheers loud as Swagger walks down the ramp with Tazz. They slide into the ring, Swagger behind Tazz.

Tazz : Matt Hardy, you put Jack Swagger's life on the line. He could have had a concussion in that match.

The crowd boos loud.

Swagger : As you can see Tazz, I kept my action in the ring. I did not go too far with any weapons. No wait, I didn't even use any.

The crowd gives huge heat to Swagger hiding behind Tazz.

Tazz : Twist Of Fate off the table? Twist Of Fate off the steel steps?

Matt Hardy eyes both of them, not saying a word.

Tazz : Not only did you bloody yourself but Swagger too? I regret to say this but the Twist Of Fate is banned!

The crowd cheers loud as Hardy's eyes go wide.

Matt Hardy : No, no, no. It was a no disqualification match and I did no wrong so why are you banning me for giving this crowd a good match?!

Swagger : He is the general manager and what he says go so don't question him. It's not your job.

Matt Hardy : My job is to kick people's asses and why don't I do that now?

Hardy steps into Swagger's face as Dustin appears on stage.

Dustin : Wait. Wait. Tazz, you're banning Hardy for his moves? Are you entirely ignoring the fact that KENTA, Paul London, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Goto and Yoshi Tastu interfered in the match?

The crowd gives a mixed crowd as a chant “Tazz screwed Hardy” chant starts.

Tazz : I didn't screw Hardy. Dustin, sir, you must lead by example. I'll deal with everyone differently, if it was two other guys and other guys interfered then I would do the exact thing! Dustin, when are you let me walk on my own two?

Dustin : I'll let you walk on your two when you can walk on your fours. Right now, your thinking with an Iron Fist's bias. I have a better idea.

Swagger : Sir, no disrespect, but the General Manager made an opinion.

Matt : No offense but shut the hell up.

The crowd cheers loud as they eye each other and Tazz tries to seperate them.

Dustin : My idea is that you Tazz can pick anyone backstage, I'll pick my person. Can't be Hardy nor Swagger for obvious reasons and they compete in a match. Tonight. You win, Twist Of Fate is banned and I am out of your hair. I win, Twist Of Fate isn't banned. 'Tis all I want too, I'm not looking to undermine you.

The crowd gives a huge pop and heat to these two sides.

Tazz : Deal and I can make you stop looking over me!

Dustin : Deal.

Dustin walks away, then Swagger, then a staredown with Hardy and Tazz as Tazz exits the ring. Hardy then poses for the crowd as the camera swings over to the commentators, Dumas.

Todd : Welcome to Pinnacle Combat : Apex Road! I'm Todd Grisham and this is Amy Dumas!

Dumas : Last week's show was on fire! We even have three matches scheduled tonight. Our first, the Usos will fight Gangrel and Thorn.

Todd : Yes, and Gangrel and Kevin Thorn have really had a few bones to pick with Jimmy and Jey. Also we have, MCMG will face David Otunga and Titus O'Neil.

Dumas : Our main event will be a fatal-four way between these four dangerous competitors. JTG, Jack Swagger, Paul London and KENTA.

Todd : But for now we have our second rookie coming to showcase his skills his name is Chris Rayne and good lord does he have a finisher or what? Have you seen it Amy?

Amy : No I have not but I will see it tonight.

Chris Rayne is in the ring, ready to fight. The lights turn blue, and Sin Cara rushes down the ramp and slides into the ring. He makes sure Rayne is a good distance before posing for the crowd. He stretches out his hand but Rayne only puts his fists up, ready to brawl.

Match #1
Chris Rayne vs Sin Cara
Singles Match

Rayne starts out by tackling Cara to the ground and punching him savagely until the referee separates them. Sin Cara looks at Rayne who has his eyes locked on Sin Cara. They walk near each other and lock up. Sin Cara knees his gut and Chris is on a knee. Sin Cara runs to the ropes only to get countered with a sidewalk slam! Chris Rayne then goes to the top rope all the way on the other side of the ring and goes to the top rope. He takes a good measure of the incredibly long length he's jumping and dives for a long fist drop! Chris then gets up and picks up Sin Cara who hits a few elbows and connects with a springboard back elbow. Chris Rayne falls back and Sin Cara goes for a legdrop but misses. Rayne gets up and smirks then pushes Sin Cara so rough that Cara hits the turnbuckle. Rayne goes for a splash but Cara hits a drop toe hold and Chris Rayne hits his mouth on the second turnbuckle. Rayne sits, leaning on the turnbuckle and Sin Cara hits a turnbuckle dropkick where the sun doesn't shine... Chris Rayne falls down, crumpled up. The crowd says “Ooh”. Rayne exits the ring to help himself and Cara follows him. The referee counts. 1! Sin Cara hits Rayne's head on the steel steps. 2! Rayne sits down, leaning on the steel steps as Cara picks him up and sends him back into the ring. Cara then goes to the top rope. He waits for Rayne to get up and dives off only to get hit with a spear! Rayne then stalks Cara. He waits for Cara to get up before running to the ropes. Cara ducks a running clothesline and Rayne bounces off the ropes again only to get sent across the canvas with a frankensteiner! Cara then places Rayne's head on the second ropes and steps back. After posing Cara goes for a Tiger Feint Kick (619 equivalent). Rayne flies back and exits the ring again, holding his head for hitting the canvas hard. Sin Cara then flies from the canvas to the ring floor with a corkscrew plancha. Sin Cara then slides Rayne back into the ring for a second time and stalks him, waiting for Rayne to get to a vertical base so he can connect with a tilt-a-whirl armbar. Rayne gets up and Sin Cara rushes into him only to get a haymaker followed by a left hook then finishing with a huge uppercut which leaves Sin Cara reeling. Rayne grabs Sin Cara by the throat and connects with a devastating two-handed chokeslam! He pins Cara for a 1...2...3!

Winner By Pinfall : Chris Rayne

Chris Rayne then looks at his fallen enemy and exits the ring promptly after beating his opponent aggressively.

Todd : Wow. I told you, those punches into a two-handed chokeslam, was brutal.

Dumas : I'm really surprised that the referee didn't stop the match.

Todd : I hope Sin Cara is ok.

As the commentators, look over at the battered Sin Cara who gave his all in the match. The scene fades to Joey LeBell begging Dustin to give him a television title shot.

Dustin : Look, I know your eager into getting into Pinnacle Combat but you are not ready to get into the stuff that's already happening.

LeBell : Come on Dustin, give me a title shot, number one contendership, anything!

Dustin gets frustrated almost like hearing a little kid whine in his ear and snaps.

Dustin : Okay! Shut the hell up! Follow me. [mumbles] Damn.

Dustin walks through the backstage area and finds the other rookie, Kytakauki eating noodles and sitting by himself on some equipment.

Dustin : Kytakauki-san.

Kytakauki : (translation) Yes?

Dustin : (translation) I need you to participate in a match next week.

Kytakauki : (translation) Sure, against this chump?

LeBell looks confused.

Joey LeBell : Is this my opponent or not?

Dustin and Kytakauki laugh and Dustin looks at LeBell nodding.

Kytakauki : Deal.

Dustin Hart : Next week, Joey LeBell will face Kytakauki for a spot in the number one contendership match for All Out Assault.

Hart walks away as LeBell looks at Kytakauki who resumes to eat his noodles. The scene fades away to Amy Dumas and Todd Grisham who are getting ready for their next match.

Amy Dumas : Now we have a match for next week Kytakauki will face Joey LeBell, but for now, a major grude match between the team of Gangrel and Kevin Thorn versus the team of Jimmy and Jey Uso.

Todd Grisham : Last week, Tazz was getting reprimanded for his “recklessness” and the Usos were in the wrong place at the wrong time, snickering at Tazz for getting laughed at. Then Tazz books a Handicap High-Incident Elimination Escape Challenge between the Usos and the team of Gangrel, Kevin Thorn, David Otunga and Titus O'Neil. After the Usos won in an upset as some would say, Dustin books two separate grudge matches. We will see why the Motor City Machine Guns are facing David Otunga later.

Match #2
The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) vs Gangrel and Kevin Thorn
Tag Team Match

The match starts out with Jimmy Uso and Kevin Thorn. The Uso goes for a punch but Kevin catches it and tilts his head looking at Jimmy then connects with a throat thrust. The Uso stumbles back into the corner and tags his brother. As Jey enters the ring, he runs towards Kevin and connects with a clothesline. The towering monster goes down with a thud. Jey tries to pin Thorn but Kevin pushes Jey off before the referee counts one. Jey then stumbles into the corner as Kevin Thorn scrambles to his feet in a hurry and attempts to clothesline Jey Uso but he dropkicks Kevin Thorn. Going up to the second rope as Kevin Thorn staggers back, he attempts to ground Thorn with a flying shoulder tackle but Thorn stands there as if Jey Uso tried to tackle a brick wall. Jey goes down with a thud as Kevin runs to the ropes and bounces back. He connects the biggest splash the crowd has probably ever since the crowd gives a huge negative reaction. Jey slides out of the ring and Kevin follows not too far from him. Kevin catches up with Jey but Jimmy flies off the apron with a clothesline. This promptly makes Gangrel drop off the ring apron and walk towards the Usos. 1! As they weaken Kevin Thorn with punches, they take no notice to see that his tag team partner was coming. 2! 3! Gangrel spins around Jimmy and connects with a double arm trap suplex! 4! Jimmy flies across the concrete floor and squirms on his back. 5! Jey notices and superkicks Gangrel. He then turns to Kevin Thorn who hits a low blow, with the advantage of the referee's obstructed vision. 7! 8! The crowd boos loud but Thorn just absorbs it and slides Jey into the ring. Gangrel then hops onto the apron and intentionally distracts the referee. Kevin Thorn then looks under the ring and finds a steel chair. He slides into the ring and Jey Uso gets up and ducks a chair shot! Kevin Thorn then turns around and gets superkicked in the head with a chair! Kevin flings the chair out of his hand and it lands strategically out of the ring. Jimmy pulls Gangrel off the apron then trades punches with him. Jey then places Kevin Thorn seated in the corner and walks to the opposite corner and shouts his name. The crowd responds and he rushes towards Kevin Thorn with an insanely stiff butt bump which stuns Kevin Thorn. Jey then pins Kevin. 1! 2! Kick out at the last second!

Jey Uso then tags in Jimmy Uso and Jimmy goes to the top rope and misses a diving elbow. Kevin then goes to tag in Gangrel. He's successful! Gangrel enters the ring and hits a clothesline to Jimmy Uso. Gangrel then hits another clothesline. He then locks in the Impaler DDT but Jimmy hooks his leg. Gangrel tries to weaken Jimmy but instead Jimmy blocks the Impaler DDT and surprises the crowd with an STO. Jimmy then looks at Jey who wants him to tag him in. Kevin rushes into the ring and tries to attack Jey but Jey shoulder bumps Kevin once he's close then connects with a hotshot which makes Kevin Thorn roll out of the ring. Jimmy then tags Jey who goes to the top rope and flies in the air with a Samoan splash! He pins Gangrel! 1...2...3!

Winner by Pinfall : The Usos

The Usos celebrate and kick Gangrel and Kevin Thorn out of the ring as the scene fades to Adam Cole who is talking to Natalya.

Adam Cole : That's awesome! Good luck in your match tonight.

Natalya : Thanks. Look out.

John Morrison turns Adam Cole around and looks at him intensely. They stare each other down and Natalya leaves before Morrison decides to speak.

John Morrison : Congratulations? You think your funny?

Adam Cole : Actually, I did.

John Morrison : Want to know what I find funny? Nothing. This is business and what you did last week may have flew in those smaller companies but your running with the big dogs so instead of easily bashing your head into everything when I had the chance, I placed you into a match. Next week against me.

The crowd cheers as Morrison isn't all flash right now.

Adam : Yeah. Place yourself in a match with me, Adam Cole. Not only will I defeat you looking good, but I will repeat what I did last week. That. Was funny.

John Morrison looks at Adam Cole then walks away. Cole turns around and bumps into Goto of the fatal three-man stable : Shinjiketo. Goto then turns around and pushes Cole into a soda machine. KENTA and Tatsu then hold him to the machine while he orders a soda, opens it and pours it onto Cole then smashes the can into Cole's head. Morrison then comes back and superkicks Adam in the face. As the group leaves...

John Morrison : That. Was funny.

The crowd goes “Ooh” and the scene quickly fades to Britani Knight walking down the ramp and walking up the ramp quickly then sliding into the ring.

Amy Dumas : Well that...was interesting to say the most. But now we have our women's division in action. We have the young and talented Britani Knight in the ring now.

Britani Knight poses on the top rope. The crowd cheers for her as he motions her arms for the crowd to cheer louder and louder. Only moments later, Natalya would appear, bursting through the curtains aggressively.

Todd Grisham : This is the also young and talented Natalya. I remember last week when Zexuis and Pandora won their match, Natalya came out here and from what we thought was going to shake their hands for beating established superstars but instead, surprise attacked them.

Amy Dumas : No, no, no. Natalya did not congratulate the two. Natalya is totally off the hook.

Todd : For beating up rookies Amy? Lets take a look.

...She then sets Pandora up for a rope-hung Boston crab but Pandora squirms out and kicks Melina's knee. As she goes down to hold her knee, Pandora sends Melina down to the canvas with a bulldog towards Zexuis. As Melina looks up in the air, Pandora tags Zexuis and she picks up Melina who is stunned and hits a cutter then rushes over to Miss Gorgeous and spears her off the mat. Zexuis goes to the top rope and performs a somersault leg drop. Zexuis pins Melina. 1...2...3!

As soon as they win, they are confronted by Natalya. Seeing another WWE alumni and former champion, they see her as a privilege to see her and outstretch their hands. Natalya then kicks Zexuis and Pandora in the gut then sends Zexuis flying over the ropes and onto the floor. Pandora holds her gut and walks backwards, not wanting to deal with Natalya until a dark-skinned female slides into the ring and superkicks Natalya. As she is stunned, the bombshell tells Pandora to attack. Pandora lands another cutter! Zexuis is trading fists with Melina and Miss Gorgeous until Pandora goes for a plancha on Melina and the dark-skinned female dives through the ropes and collides with Miss Gorgeous. As the three get up, they absorb pop until it fades to another package.
Match #3
Britani Knight vs Natalya
Singles Match

Britani spears Natalya into the canvas and bashes her head into the mat. After a few moments, the referee breaks up the two and Natalya gets up to her feet. They lock up. Natalya gets the advantage and executes a quick judo flip to the ground to set up a surfboard stretch. She wrenches Knight's back and enjoys every second of it as she wrenches with more and more strain in her back. Britani Knight tries to break through but she isn't going to break out anytime soon and Natalya decides to come back to that move after weakening her some more. Natalya goes to pick up Britani Knight who then kicks her in the head while she is still grounded. Knight then gets up and staggers back in the corner, stalking Natalya. Natalya gets to one knee and she rushes towards her but Natalya punches Knight in the gut then lifts up Britani Knight in a vertical suplex maneuver. She holds the suplex for many seconds as the blood rushes to Knight's head but eventually Knight breaks out and lands on her feet. Natalya turns around into a DDT. Britani screams in adrenaline and the crowd follows her momentum. She then picks up Natalya and drags her into the corner before locking in a rope hung Boston Crab. As Britani Knight wrenches her back into the ropes, Alicia Fox jumps over the top rope! She looks at Natalya and shouts insults at her over and over. As Britani lets go of the hold, Alicia goes to the top rope. The referee tries to stop Fox and Natalya pokes Knight's eye. Knight holds her eye in agony and Natalya locks in a sharpshooter out of the blue! The referee sees it and Alicia Fox then kicks Natalya in the mouth. The referee has no choice but to ring the bell in disqualification.

Winner by Disqualification : Natalya

Alicia Fox then beats down on Natalya before Britani Knight pulls Fox off of Natalya and argues with her. Fox then kicks Knight in the gut then bounces off the ropes and connects with a scissor kick! She leaves the crowd in legitimate confusion as the cameras pan to the commentators.

Todd : Well, this is a dark Fox.

Amy : Oh, ha-ha. But anyway, we still have Motor City Machine Guns facing David Otunga and Titus O'Neil.

Grisham : Also, Brodus Clay will be in action tonight and wow did we see a video for this behemouth.

Amy : It doesn't even stop there. There is an explosive main event coming up. A fatal-four way between JTG, Jack Swagger, Paul London and KENTA.

Todd Grisham : All of this and more on Pinnacle Combat : Apex Road 2!

The scene fades to a video of the rookies.

The scene fades to a video package of a Korean male in the ring with another wrestler and he's performing a cross body.

I'm Kytakauki

He is then seen landing multiple kicks to various seated males, respectively in their own videos.

I'm a 19 Korean rookie.

He is seen yelling as his face paint (tribute to Hawk's) is sweated off.

I'm not only learning the ropes.

He is seen easily performing a 450 splash.

I'm learning from the professionals.

As Jushin Liger performs a shooting star press, Kytakauki performs a shooting star leg drop.

I know people will underestimate.

He is seen connecting two running clotheslines followed by a springboard moonsault.

But I will be the breakout star.

Kytakauki is seen hitting a high kick to Joey LeBell. Then he is seen in front of two males who don't have the spotlight on them. As the spotlight moves, another male is seen, an English male with a 5 o'clock shadow and dark-blonde hair.

Name's Chris. Chris Rayne.

He is seen on top of someone hitting bare knuckle punches.

I'm 23 years old and learning the ropes.

He is then seen doing 3 consecutive German suplexes on Kytakauki.

My distant sister is the well-known Madison. Madison Rayne.

She is seen in his corner talking to him before one of his development matches.

Not only will I demolish Pinnacle Wrestling.

He is seen doing a fist drop to someone from across the canvas while his pro, Brodus Clay watches.

But I will be the breakout star.

Chris Rayne is seen doing a rope-hung DDT. Then like the scene previously seen, the spotlight moves to the third guy. A familiar blonde.

My name's Joey LeBell.

He is seen doing a ropewalk brain chop.

I'm 18 years young and perfect.

He is then seen easily dominating Chris Rayne with high kicks to the head.

Oh, and a rookie.

LeBell is seen performing

Yeah, I am learning by experience and the professionals

LeBell is then seen with Jack Swagger. Swagger goes for the gutwrench powerbomb on another wrestler as LeBell jumps off the turnbuckle and Swagger and LeBell flatten this guy with a powerbomb and cross-body combination.

I know you heard the crap from the others and they will let you down because...

Joey LeBell is seen doing a superplex to another.

But I will be the breakout star!

The scene changes at they all look at each other then they start to argue about who the star will be as the camera pans up to a logo “The Settlement TBA in April”
The scene swiftly fades into Pac and Ricochet laughing.

Pac : Did you see Cole get drenched in soda?

Ricochet : That's going to be as close as he is going to see a blonde wet!

They start laughing hysterically as Pac stops abruptly.

Pac : Is that Zexuis? She is cornered by Melina and that other chick!

Ricochet : Hold on Pac. I'll be back.

The two close in on Zexuis and Ricochet squeezes in between them and blocks Zexuis. They look at him as he restrains them. Zexuis runs away as referees restrain the woman from sooner or later, consequently beating on Pac. As Melina and Miss Gorgeous scream and shout and accuse that they didn't do anything Pandora and Zexuis comes back.

Pandora : [shyly] Thank you.

Ricochet : Oh, its no problem. Anything to help ya know?

Pandora : Well...[moment of silence] See you around.

Ricochet gets caught in a hug from both of them before they walk off talking amongst each other. The scene then fades over to Susan Brooke.

Susan Brooke : Hello! Hello! Hello Pinnacle Combat! I'm here with Carlito.

The scene fades over to the 5'10 male.

Brooke : Carlito, despite having the first televised loss in Pinnacle Combat history, do you think that you can get into a championship title chase?

Carlito : Of course. Last week was last week. Next week is next week. I may have lost but I'm still the most dangerous in this company.

Brooke : What championship are you going after?

As the camera turns, Brad Maddox and Carlito are having a staredown.

Maddox : I can answer that. Carlito here is going after no championship. Maybe the woman's championship.

Carlito : Cute. What do you want?

Maddox : I just wanted to remind you that you aren't the most dangerous because you had the first loss.

Carlito : Is that right?

Maddox : Unless you want to prove it. Next week me and you.

Carlito : [smirks] Rookies. Whatever kid. I accept.

Maddox : That's all I wanted.

Brad Maddox walks away from Carlito, feeling accomplished. Brooke has already left by this time and Carlito looks at Maddox, unaffected. The scene fades away to the Motor City Machine Guns bursting through the curtain. They do their traditional pose for the crowd and receive pop.

Amy Dumas : Most dangerous man in the world?

Todd Grisham : I don't know seeing how they both lost last week.

Dumas : Well here we have the Motor City Machine Guns who made an impact by being a tag team enforcer for not only Paul London and Matt Hardy but for the Usos earlier.

Todd Grisham : They said they were going to make an impact in PC and despite their loss, they have made a gigantic impact.

Shelley slides into the ring while Sabin runs up the steps and jumps over the ropes to enter the ring. They look towards the ramp for their opponents but surprisingly Dustin Hart walks down the ramp with the same cards Tazz had and stands on the bottom of the ramp, shaking hands with Amy Dumas and Todd Grisham.

Todd : The boss is here to conduct the first television match of the night because David Otunga and Titus O'Neil are included in the television division.

Titus O'Neil and David Otunga appear walking down the ramp respectively and stop by the chairman, Dustin Hart.

Hart : Welcome to the television division if you had not seen it before. Someone in this crowd will be deciding the match type in this tag team match so lets see. David Otunga pick a letter and Chris Sabin pick a number.

Otunga : R.

Sabin : 4.

Hart : Do we have a R4 in the house? Anywhere? [waits] Yes? No?

A skinny male wearing a Pinnacle Combat T-Shirt shows he has the letters R4.

Hart : Great shirt you have there, now out of these 3 choices which would you pick?

Male : Hmm...B.

Hart : You all heard it folks. This will be a No Disqualification Tornado Tag Team match! Now get in the ring you two and ring the bell referee.

Match 4
Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) vs David Otunga and Titus O'Neil
No DQ Tornado Tag Match

The match starts out with each team looking at each other. Alex Shelley kicks Titus O'Neil in the gut and as he doubles over, Shelley hits his back repeatedly. Sabin and Otunga lock up but Sabin ends up getting hit with a belly to belly suplex. Shelley knees Titus in the gut and throws him between the top and second rope and Titus hits the ground hard. Sabin staggers back and Otunga connects his combo with some forearms to the side of the head. Shelley dives over the top of the rope and connects a plancha to the groggy Titus O'Neil. Chris Sabin reverses a corner splash from Otunga and hits a nasty enzuigiri which sends Otunga leaning on the ropes. Sabin then clotheslines Otunga over the ropes. Shelley then searches under the ring for a weapon and finds a steel chair. Titus literally pushes Alex across the concrete floor with a big boot to the chest of Shelley who was holding a steel chair to it which adds an extra snap to the kick. Chris Sabin uses the ropes to kick David Otunga to the floor but Otunga grabs his leg but Sabin rebuttals his kick with an enzuigiri and David falls to the floor but lands on his feet. Sabin tries for a corkscrew plancha but Otunga grabs Sabin and slams him on his back. Titus grabs the chair and swings it wildly on Alex Shelley multiple times. The crowd responds with a mixed reaction because of the hardcore aspect of the match. David pins Sabin. 1...2...Kick out! David then picks up Chris Sabin and rolls him into the ring. As David rolls into the ring, he poses for the crowd then runs to the ropes and...misses the elbow drop! Sabin rolls out of the way and pulls himself to a vertical base using aid via the ropes. Titus picks up Shelley and throws him into the steel steps but Shelley just jumps to the top of the steel steps and as Titus rushes towards Alex Shelley, Alex dives off the steps and connects with a hurricanrana! The crowd pops with the environment use of Shelley. Alex then slides into the ring and aids Sabin. He turns David Otunga around amazes the crowd with his strength by executing a backpack stunner. Shelley pins Otunga. 1...2...Broken by Titus O'Neil!

Sabin rushes towards Titus only to get hit with the Clash of the Titus! The crowd pops loud as Shelley tries to avenge Titus with a Shellshock (Swinging reverse STO)! They are all laid out! The crowd pops huge as KENTA, Yoshi Tatsu and Goto hops over the ropes and slides into the ring then beats up Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin! Goto and Tatsu punch and kick Chris Sabin who is in the corner and KENTA puts Shelley over the shoulders and drops Shelley with a Go To Sleep! Shelley flies away from his knee like a ragdoll. Goto grabs Sabin by his wrists but Sabin tries to break free and the crowd cheers as he is successful. KENTA rushes over and Chris Sabin is delivering punches to all three of these invaders. Sabin, either stupid or genius, clotheslines Tatsu then spin kicks Goto and dropkicks KENTA but they each get up after falling down and the numbers gain is too much as KENTA and Yoshi Tatsu hold Chris Sabin. Goto then sprays a red mist into Chris Sabin's eyes and they let go. Sabin's eyes burn and he rolls on the floor, squirming and Goto picks him up and connects with a Go To Heaven(Olympic slam)! They each leave the ring in unison and exit through the crowd! The crowd pops huge as David Otunga crawls over to Chris Sabin and pins him. The referee must count. 1...2...3!

Winner by Pinfall : David Otunga and Titus O'Neil

The crowd boos loud as the victorious duo roll out of the ring.

Todd : A very controversial ending.

Amy : The Motor Machine Guns received karma.

Todd : What are you talking about this was unethical?

Amy : Look Todd, KENTA, Yoshi Tatsu and Goto are facing Paul London and the Motor City Machine Guns at All Out Assault right?

Todd : Right.

Amy : They stuck their heads in Paul and the three men's business. There must be consequences.

Todd : Riiiight...But anyway, Brodus Clay will be in action later tonight and the monumental main event will be coming soon! JTG vs KENTA vs Jack Swagger vs Paul London.

The scene fades to Paul London bursting through KENTA's locker room and staring each of the three in the eye.

Paul London : You think you're real cool don't you?

The crowd pops.

Paul London : You guys pick on people when you know you have the advantage. You had a huge line of weakness when it was an even encounter but now you want to sabotage my partners before All Out Assault? Bullcrap because what goes around comes around KENTA.

Tatsu : You and what army?

Paul London : Don't worry about that. It isn't about me getting revenge. Its about bring you to justice before something bad happens. You three have and will sabotage many people in the locker room individually. Adam Cole, me, Matt Hardy and I personally don't care about Cole but when it gets into my business I will make sure that each of you guys know who I am. I'm not your average cruiserweight. I'm better than you Goto, I am better than you Tatsu and I know I'm way better than you KENTA.

KENTA : Is that right?

Paul London : 100% and when we both are fighting out there, you won't make it to All Out Assa-

Tazz enters the room.

Tazz : London, exit, now.

London looks at the four then exits, slamming the door behind him. The scene fades to Dustin Hart in the center of the ring with a microphone.

Dustin : You know...no one likes a mean, strict boss. I don't. You don't. We all don't. It's not my job to be on Tazz's ass. It's my job to supervise the business of the Pinnacle Combat and the more entertaining, action side. Hiring, firing, making matches...is not necessarily my objective. That is what I want Tazz to do but this job has to be harder than it seems.

The crowd senses the heat.

Dustin : The mind of a businessman and the mind of a wrestler has different disciplinary actions. For example, as a businessman if I see someone legitimately injuring wrestlers with his or her finisher then yes I will ban it. But if Tazz wants to listen to one wrestler rather than thinking like a businessman then is it possible for Tazz to be a good General Manager? Can I compare to you people?

The crowd stays silent.

Dustin : You know what? I don't care. I have my wrestler and he better have his so bring out your wrestl-

Goto, Tazz, Yoshi Tatsu and KENTA are then seen at the top of the ramp. Tazz smirks and Dustin nods laughing to himself.

Dustin : Do I have to teach you the number one?

Tazz : I know it quite fine and I also know about these guys. So I decided to be a “businessman” and let you pick your poison.

Dustin : Well I pick the skimpy-ish one in the middle.

Dustin points at Yoshi Tatsu as he takes off his traditional Shinjiketo mask and walks down to the ring himself. The crowd pops awaiting Dustin Hart's selection.

Tazz : Where is your selection boss?;

Dustin laughs as the lights go dark. The crowd cheers and you can sense that someone is coming or something is going to happen. As the lights come back Brodus Clay is behind Yoshi Tatsu. The crowd cheers loudly.

Dustin : Since I was the challenger, Tazz pick a letter and number.

Tazz : I9.

A man promptly hops up, signaling Hart.

Dustin : Pick a letter sir.

Man : I don't know they all look so awesome...damn...I guess I have to say C.

Tazz : So what's C?

Dustin looks at the card and his eyes pop out of his head. He walks around the ring, up the ramp and hands it to Tazz who reads it and his eyes pop out of his head.

Tazz : A lumberjack match?!

The crowd cheers as the entire locker room walks out, down the ramp and surrounds the ring, faces on one side and heels on the other. The referee rings the bell.

Match #5
Brodus Clay vs Yoshi Tatsu
Lumberjack Match
If Brodus wins, Twist of Fate is not banned. If Tatsu wins, Twist of Fate is banned and Dustin Hart must not interfere in Tazz's decisions

Brodus wastes no time and grabs Tatsu by the throat, lifts him high in the air and chokeslams the wind out of him. Tatsu rolls out on the apron but Brodus tosses Yoshi Tatsu back in the ring like a ragdoll and throws him into the corner. He then jumps high in the air and splashes onto Yoshi, nearly crushing Yoshi Tatsu who is flattened in the corner. Brodus then grabs Tatsu's arm and throws him into the opposite corner. Brodus Clay then connects with a hip attack which Tatsu is being punished for. He staggers out of the corner but Clay keeps the momentum going with a crossbody! The crowd cheers loud as Tatsu squirms around until he is dead center of the ring. Clay looks at Tatsu then bounces off the ropes and ends Yoshi with a splash. He pins Tatsu. The referee counts. 1...2...3!

Winner by pinfall : Brodus Clay

No dancing by Clay as he leaves the ring and looks at his left and right peers. They dare not to attack to attack the Goliath as he walks up the ramp and leaves with Dustin Hart while Tazz looks disapointed at both Tatsu, the Shinjiketo and himself. The scene cuts to Susan Brooke.

Susan : Hello Pinnacle Combat. I'm here with JTG.

JTG : Ch'yeah!

Susan : JTG tell me, just minutes away from your main event number one contenders match, what are your final thoughts?

JTG : You know, I won against Carlito. No problem, so whats 3 more guys?

Susan : You seem to have total confidence diving into this match.

JTG : And why shouldn't I? I captured the first win of Apex Road. It ain't like any of those guys out there can stack up to me! Let's see, Jack Swagger. He lost even when three guys came to his aid! Paul London, tapped out to KENTA. I don't know much about KENTA but KENTA don't know much 'bout JTG ya know? So who's gonna stop me? No one.

Brooke : Well I hear your theme song, you should get going. This is Susan Brooke, back to you Grisham and Dumas.

As the lumberjack match ends, London, KENTA and Swagger are in the ring except for JTG, who was scheduled for an interview so he was not able to set guard for the lumberjack match. JTG bursts through the curtain and walks down the ramp then walks up the steel steps. He stares at Swagger as he enters the ring and the referee rings the bell.

Match #6
JTG vs Jack Swagger vs Paul London vs KENTA
Number One Contendership for the Pinnacle Championship

The match starts out with Paul London and KENTA, immediately, brawling leaving JTG and Swagger to lock up. JTG gets the advantage and knees Swagger in the gut then hits an uppercut to the bent Swagger. Paul London gets more than what he bargained for as KENTA manages to push him into the corner and pummels him into a seated position then kicks London in the chest. London holds his chest in pain, wincing. JTG has Swagger in a headlock in the corner, trying to keep the 260 pound wrestler under control. Jack Swagger squirms out and connects with a German Suplex! JTG holds his head in pain as Swagger goes over and helps KENTA kick the cornered London. Swagger then picks him up and holds him tight, restraining his arms behind London's back. KENTA then connects with a kick to the gut then a kick to the knee. KENTA then steps back and goes for a kick to the head but London escapes Swagger's hold and Jack gets hit with a kick to the skull which makes him slip out of the ring. JTG gets up and looks at the grounded London and hits a quick flurry of stomps then pins him. The referee counts. 1...2..Break out by KENTA. KENTA then picks up JTG and throws him over the ropes but he skins the cat before KENTA notices. By this time, Jack Swagger is back up and in the ring and he slides into the ring and takes advantage of JTG and when JTG is back in the ring the All-American American hits a hard big boot to the back of JTG, causing him to fly into the canvas. KENTA picks up London and he hits a Pele kick to KENTA! KENTA falls down. He then sees Swagger and runs over to him and connects a spinning wheel kick! He then puts Swagger on top of JTG and KENTA on top of Swagger then goes to the top rope. The crowd cheers as he stands on the top rope looking at the pile. He dives off in a 450 splash but KENTA moves and London hits Swagger! Paul London scrambles to his feet as KENTA does and clotheslines him out the ring. As these two rivals fall to the floor, KENTA lands on his feet and pushes London into the ring post! London is busted open! KENTA slides back into the ring and goes over to pin Swagger. 1...2...Kick out! KENTA then goes over to pin JTG. 1..2...Kick out! KENTA gets frustrated and stalks Jack Swagger who is getting up. The crowd boos as Swagger pulls himself up with the ropes. Paul London is on one knee sliding in the ring, blood becoming more noticeable. KENTA grabs Swagger and goes for a Go To Sleep but Swagger elbows his way out and hits a surprise Gutwrench powerbomb! The crowd pops immensely. Jack Swagger goes to pin KENTA.


Kick out!

Jack Swagger can't believe his eyes as JTG gets up. Struggling on his feet he rushes at Swagger and stomps him while he is down. Swagger braces the kicks and rolls onto the apron. JTG grabs him by the hair but Swagger grabs JTG by the hair and drops to the floor causing JTG to bounce his head on the ropes and hit the floor with an extra snap. JTG rolls out of the ring and starts exchanging punches with Jack Swagger. KENTA rolls out the ring as well and starts punching to, emphasizing on JTG. Paul London looks at them and runs to the ropes and dives off, with a somersault plancha! The crowd goes nuts as London hits all three men and now its anyone's game. They are all laid out in pursuit for the number one contendership for the Pinnacle Championship. KENTA rolls over towards the apron and uses them to get up. KENTA then picks up Paul London and slides him in the ring. He then goes to pin London. 1...2...Kick out! KENTA slaps the ring canvas and gets up stalking for a Go To Sleep. JTG slides into the ring and turns KENTA around and goes for Da Shout Out but KENTA pushes JTG into Swagger who just entered the ring and Swagger hits JTG with a Gutwrench Powerbomb. Swagger then kicks KENTA and gets him into position until he bumps into the referee! Goto and Tatsu come out promptly as if they were waiting for this moment to happen and they slide into the ring and beat up Swagger. Tatsu hits a roundhouse kick to Swagger and Goto kicks JTG. KENTA leans on the turnbuckle trying to recover as they all look at London. Goto and Tatsu begin to punch and kick London until KENTA orders them to stop. KENTA then lifts him up and connects a Go To Sleep! He pins London as Goto and Tatsu roll JTG and Swagger out of the ring. As the referee recovers he counts the pin. 1...2...3!

Winner by Pinfall : KENTA

Todd : KENTA is the other number one contender for the Pinnacle Championship! I can't believe it!

Amy : Believe it Todd. KENTA will face Matt Hardy for the Pinnacle Championship at All Out Assault.

Todd : That's going to be one hell of a match considering he is in another match with Goto and Tatsu vs London and the Motor City Machine Guns!

Dustin Hart appears on the stage.

Hart : Woah. Wait. Wait. KENTA you used Goto and Yoshi Tatsu to win.

The crowd boos KENTA.

Hart : Therefore, London gets another chance for the number one contendership. Next week, London vs KENTA and if Goto or Tatsu touches London before, during or after that match, anytime during the show, not only does Paul London receive number one contendership but KENTA you will be suspended!

The crowd cheers as KENTA looks at Goto and Tatsu. The scene abruptly cuts to Tazz and two masked men.

Tazz : Hey...let go...of me you son of a-

They throw Tazz in a car. Both masked men look at each other then enter the car and ride off into the night. The scene fades away.


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