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Re: Ziggler deserves better than the world title.

Okay, this is ridiculous. Ziggler is the best wrestler today other than Punk. All-around. He doesn't have charisma? Here's a little exercise to put things in perspective. Who has better charisma/acting skills than Dolph Ziggler? Its a short list. The only guys who MIGHT have better charisma than him are Cena, Punk, Orton, Sheamus, Del Rio, and Miz. Now how does Dolph Ziggler look to you guys?

However, I disagree with saying the World Title isn't enough for him. The World Title is perfect for him, let him build it up. Triple H once said, I think in discussing the value of the WHC, that the champion makes the belt, not the otehr way around. The US title can be a strap on Santino Marella's shoulder, or a really great mid-carder can throw a massive parade and get away with it, its a prop that can be used or not used. If the WHC isn't treated well or the superstars/matches suck, then ppl won't care. If Cena and the Undertaker feud over the WHC, no one will doubt its value, its all about the wrestlers feuding over it. A lot of the ppl who think the WHC has been devalued think the same of the WWE Title, since its always Cena in the main event, not the WWE Title.

If Ziggler has the belt, he'll make it matter. I really, REALLY hope he'll main event PPV's with it; they can even ease Ziggler in to those main events by giving him dirty title defenses against Cena to start it off.

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