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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WWE No Way Out 2006

1) WWE Cruiserweight Championship - Nine Way Match
Gregory Helms(c) vs Paul London vs Brian Kendrick vs Super Crazy vs Psicosis vs Kid Kash vs Nunzio vs Shoichi Funaki vs Scott Taylor ~ **3/4

2) John Bradshaw Layfield vs Bobby Lashley ~ **1/2

3) MNM (Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury) vs Matt Hardy & Tatanka ~ **3/4

4) WWE United States Championship
Booker T(c) vs Chris Benoit ~ **1/2

5) Winner Earns World Championship at WrestleMania
Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton ~ ***3/4

6) World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle(c) vs The Undertaker ~ ****1/2

~ Opener was solid. Served it's purpose to continue Helms reign as the superior cruiserweight. HELMS.

~ JBL got something watchable vs Lashley. They clobber each other till the ever grand Dave Finlay comes out and owns Lashley. Undefeated streak: over.

~ The common theme of solid matches continues with MNM open challenge. Everyone looked good and no complaints. This event if very straight forward. It's too bad this crowd is DEAD~!

~ Ugh. Ok, this match wasn't "bad" per say. Just didn't need to go fucking 18 minutes. fml level pretty dull here. Which is too bad and unexpected with a Chris Benoit match. Not their best match. Hell, I'll go out and say it's the weakest I've seen them have vs each other. I wasn't into it at all. Easy weakest match of the night only b/c I had to struggle to finish it.

~ Orton vs Mysterio was awesome. Plain and simple it was all on part of Orton's character being GREAT. He was working the heel stuff on a strong, strong level here. Never liked the using Eddie Guerrero's name in programs. Although, Randy actually used that to his advantage here. More so than Mysterio or Chavo did during their eventual program. Mysterio was good in his role here too. Per usual. But, this was all Orton imo. He was the star here. I miss Orton being this good. He was my favorite guy in the company that wasn't Undertaker back at this time. *sigh* </3

~ Undertaker vs Angle. It always works. I don't know what there is left to say that wasn't said by all others who have seen this match. I liked their Smackdown match from 2003 more. Doesn't take anything away from here. Hard to believe how flat out bad their very first match up was back at Fully Loaded 2000. The progression of both showed. Especially Angle. Taker brought out the best in him. Possibly better than anyone minus Austin. Crowd ate this up with a spoon and wanted thirds. It was hilarious how the crowd was dead the entire night & then shot to life when this began. what a DRAW. (like really. Some people in the front row were sleeping till this match came on) Excellent match. The last GREAT singles Kurt Angle match I can recall him having. Undertaker would go on to have quite a bit more. b/c he's the best. As if we all don't know that fact already.

Final Analysis: Solid PPV with a grand main event and a damn great character driven semi-main event. Worth owning/seeing just for those two. I'd skip the United States Championship match. Undercard did what it needed. I think the snowflakes speak for themselves. All around good wrestling event.

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