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Re: Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

Originally Posted by dan the marino View Post
Oh yeah. I only played Emerald of those three and I am pretty sure they stop showing up after the fourth or so gym though. They get replaced by that random sick kid.

Gary is still GOAT. What an asshole. Silver was decent but was hard to take him seriously when he continues to talk about power all the time despite jobbing over and over again. But yeah the designs for the guys in the newest game were not the best.

Anyone who played Black/White 2, what exactly has changed? From what I hear it's the same gyms and storyline, just with different guys available.
I played Emerald as well. My favorite out of the gen 3 games. Your rival still shows up, it's just the battles become less frequent. You face your rival again before the 5th gym (Flying gym) and I think you face them sometime after that, not 100%, haven't played the game in a while. And that sick kid is Wally, he becomes kinda like a new rival.

Silver was actually my favorite. Gary's a close second for me. No matter how many times you beat Silver, he would still act like a total asshole to you afterwards. A true heel that you wanted to destroy every time you faced him. I want bad guy rivals like that back in the games.

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