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Re: WWF 1995: The New Generation

WWF Monday Night Raw | March 20 | 1995

The Raw video package plays and Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show. Tonight Rowdy Roddy Piper returns and he's going to be The King's guest on the King's Court. Lawler was not excited to have Piper on The King's Court but he's got a lot of questions to ask Piper. Lawler complained about losing to Bret Hart on Superstars, he claims that Bret cheated. They plug the rest of the matches we will be seeing tonight including the big main event as Big Daddy Cool Diesel takes on Sycho Sid.

Match 1 | Savio Vega vs King Kong Bundy
Savio Vega's music hits and here comes the newcomer Savio Vega to a good ovation. Savio's very excited to be here on Raw tonight, making his first appearance. We saw him in action on Superstars and he was very impressive. Lawler cuts Vince off and thinks Savio could have a short stay because he's got a big task ahead of him, he's taking on the huge King Kong Bundy. There's no chance Savio's getting past Bundy. King Kong Bundy then came out without Ted Dibiase. Bundy thinks he can beat Savio easy since Savio is a newcomer here. The match begins with Bundy throwing Savio around the ring. Savio then comes off the ropes and tries taking Bundy off his feet but it doesn't work. Bundy taunts Savio, Savio tries taking Bundy off his feet again but ran into a clothesline. Bundy with a slam and missed an elbow drop. Savio then hammers away at Bundy with right hands. He tries sending Bundy to the corner but Bundy with a reversal. Savio ducks a clothesline. Savio hammers away at Bundy again and then does the 10 count punch in the corner but Bundy throws him off at 7. Bundy then sends Savio to the ropes, Savio ducks a clothesline and Savio tries a crossbody but Bundy catches him and slams him and gets a 2 count. Bundy gets a chinlock on Savio, Bundy trying to wear Savio down. The fans get behind Savio. Savio gets back to his feet and breaks out of the hold and hammers away at Bundy. Savio off the ropes and takes Bundy down with a clothesline. He went for the cover and Bundy powers out at 1. Savio tries a sunset flip on Bundy and tries to take him down but can't as Bundy tries jumping on Savio but Savio moves out the way. Savio tries an irish whip in the corner but Bundy with a reversal. Bundy now comes charging in for the avalanche and Savio avoids it just in time as Bundy went face first into the turnbuckle as Bundy is staggering. Savio comes off the ropes and nails Bundy with a spinning heel kick. Vega went for the pin and got a 3 count to pick up the big upset win. Savio celebrates as he receives a good ovation from the fans. Savio goes and celebrates outside.
Winner: Savio Vega

Vince gets a quick word with Savio. Savio says Bundy was one tough opponent and that's what it will be like here in the WWF. The going will be tough but Savio Vega's a fighter. He's very determined and he's going to be successful here in the WWF. Ted Dibiase makes his way down with IRS as Savio starts leaving. Dibiase walks pasts Savio and he's furious at Bundy. He berates Bundy for losing to a newcomer. Bundy's been losing a lot of matches recently and now Dibiase's lost his cool. Dibiase yells at Bundy for embarrasing the Corporation. He slaps Bundy and that's a big mistake right there. Bundy grabs Dibiase by the collar and IRS attacks Bundy. Bundy takes IRS down with a clothesline as Dibiase rolls out of the ring. Here comes Lex Luger and Bam Bam. They try to calm Bundy down and stop him from beating IRS up. When IRS is back to his feet, Luger and Bam Bam turn on Bundy and the Corporation members all gang up on Bundy. Bundy gets beat down by The Corporation. Dibiase gets a mic and tells Bundy that he's fired from the Corporation. Dibiase shoves a $100 bill down Bundy's throat.

Backstage Razor Ramon congratulates Savio Vega and Razor thinks Savio's going to be a big star here in the WWF. Vince McMahon then gets a word with Razor. Razor sends a message to Bret. Yo Hitman, oyyame chico, not long to go till WrestleMania. The Bad Guy can't wait. Razor mentions that he fought his way off the streets and his goal was to get to the top of the WWF. He climbed the ladder last year to make history at WrestleMania but he's gonna go one better this year. Now The Hitman who's defeated him twice stands in his way. Razor calls Bret the best there was but at WrestleMania it's all going to change. Razor Ramon is gonna have the WWF Title gold around his waist. Razor throws his toothpick at the camera.

Match 2 | The 123 Kid and Bob Backlund vs Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart
Jeff Jarrett and Road Dogg came out first followed by Owen Hart. The 123 Kid and Bob Backlund came out together to a great ovation. Owen starts the match off against The 123 Kid. They trade wrist locks until Owen sends Kid to the ropes, leapfrog by The Kid and Kid with a dropkick on Owen. The Kid off the ropes but Owen catches him with a knee lift. Owen with a northern lights suplex and gets a 2 count. Owen tags in Jarrett and Jarrett with some right hands on The Kid. The Kid reversed an irish whip and nails Jarrett with a round house kick and gets a 2 count. Kid tags in Backlund. Backlund whips Jarrett to the corner and follows up with a back body drop. Jarrett then reverses an irish whip and Owen gets a cheapshot on Backlund. Jarrett tags Owen and Owen hammers away at Backlund. Backlund whipped into the corner and Owen runs into a boot, Backlund with a scoop slam followed a clothesline sending Owen to the floor. They brawl outside and Backlund sends Owen back in. Backlund tries the chickenwing on Owen but Owen gets to his corner and tags Jarrett. Jarrett charges into Backlund and Backlund takes him down with a drop toe hold and tags in The 123 Kid. The Kid nails Jarrett with some martial arts kick in the corner and follows up with a clothesline and then The Kid drops a quick legdrop and got a 2 count. Jarrett then reverses an irish whip and catches The Kid with a reverse elbow.

Jarrett begins to wear down The Kid and exchanges tags with Owen. The Kid gets isolated in the corner and a lot of double teaming going on behind the ref's back as Backlund tries getting in but the ref sends Backlund to his corner. The Kid then ducks a clothesline and lands a spinning heel kick on Owen. Both men are down and they make the tags to their partners. Backlund takes it to Jarrett and delivers an atomic drop followed by a back suplex and gets a 2 count. Backlund tries the chickenwing but Jarrett nails Backlund with an elbow. Jarrett went up top and goes for a double axe handle but Backlund catches him with a big right hand. Backlund tags The Kid in and Owen tries stopping him but Backlund hits him with a clothesline. The action spills to the floor as both teams brawl outside and the ref starts the count. Both teams don't get back in by 10 and the ref has counted both teams out. Jarrett argues that he just made in back in but the ref is having none of it. Jarrett, Road Dogg and Owen then begin to leave and stare down Bob Backlund and The Kid.
Result: Double Count Out

Vince McMahon then shows us a promo from Hunter Hearst Helmsley earlier on. Helmsley was in a restaurant as he's finished eating. Helmsley was going to give the waiter a tip but changes his mind and tells the waiter that he doesn't deserve it. He tells the waiter that he falls in the same category as Tatanka, both of them are beneath him and have no class. Hunter Hearst Helmsley brags that he's all about class and last week on Raw he showed what a fine superstar he is. Hunter vows to become a huge superstar in the WWF.

Match 3 | Billy Gunn vs Yokozuna
Yokozuna made his way down with Mr Fuji and Jim Cornette. Billy Gunn then came down with Bart. Yokozuna controls the match at the start by throwing Billy around the ring. Yokozuna then gets a nerve hold on Billy, Billy gets back up to his feet and breaks out of the hold. Billy tries taking Yokozuna off his feet but can't get the big man down. Yokozuna reversed a whip and sends Billy to the turnbuckle. Billy Gunn avoids a charge and then hammers away at Yokozuna. Billy off the top rope and nails Yokozuna with a double axe handle taking Yokozuna down to one knee. Billy then comes off the ropes but Yokozuna catches him and slams him with a belly to belly suplex. Yokozuna then drags Billy to the corner and goes up top and hits the banzai drop. Yokozuna gets the 3 count and gets the quick win. Yokozuna refuses to get up. Bart got in and hits Yokozuna with lefts and rights knocking Yokozuna outside the ring. Bart goes to check on Billy and Yokozuna wants to get in but he's restrained by Cornette and Fuji, Yokozuna taunts Bart and raises his arm in victory. Hakushi and Yokozuna have picked up singles victories now against The Gunns and they have to be the favourites going into the tag team title match at WrestleMania.
Winner: Yokozuna

We then go to Sunny for the WrestleMania Report. We hear comments from Bret Hart. Bret gives credit to his fans who never stopped believing in him. They gave him support and helped him bounce back and he became the WWF champion again. Bret says the fans believe in him and they are the reason why he keeps going. Now all these great fans are going to witness a classic match at WrestleMania XI. Bret's looking forward to stepping in the ring with Razor Ramon. They don't get any tougher than Razor. There will be no excuses after WrestleMania and Bret believes that he's going to win. At the end of the match, he's going to be walking out with his title with the WWF Title belt being draped around his shoulder.

The King's Court | Special Guest Rowdy Roddy Piper
Jerry Lawler's in the ring and it's now time for The Kings' Court. Lawler insults the fans. Lawler then calls out Rowdy Roddy Piper who comes out to a great ovation. Piper has a smile on his face and laughs at Lawler and asks Lawler how he's doing? The last time they were in the ring together was at the King of the Ring and Piper reminds Lawler that he beat him. Lawler then gets to the point. He thinks Piper did not do a fair job at Saturday Night's Main Event but now he's got another issue to deal with. He's got to deal with The Million Dollar Corporation. With Piper as the enforcer, there's no way he'll be able to stop The Corporation or any other superstars getting their hands on The Undertaker. Piper thinks he did a great job as a referee and now as an enforcer he's going to do even better. What went down last week was completely out of line and that's why President Tunney has selected him to make sure no one interferes. If they do, they're going to have to deal with Hot Rod. He doesn't care if they're strong, big or scary looking. He sends a message to The Corporation that you don't want to make him mad, everyone has to pay the Piper. Lawler thinks Piper will be the one paying the price. Speaking of price, he forgot to tell Piper that he has another guest, The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase. Ted Dibiase came out with Bam Bam. Dibiase thinks Piper has no business being out there as the enforcer but now that he is if he gets in the Corporation's way at WrestleMania then he's going to suffer the same fate like King Kong Bundy did earlier tonight.

Piper says he's not intimidated at all by The Corporation, he knows what kind of person Dibiase is like. Dibiase fires back and he knows the sort of person Piper is and because of Piper he suffered one of his most humiliating defeats of his career when he lost to Virgil. Piper tells Dibiase and Bigelow that The Undertaker never lets his enemies get away. At WrestleMania he's going to get his revenge against Bam Bam. At WrestleMania, Bigelow will be the one resting in peace. Wait a minute now Bam Bam is mad, Bigelow gets in Piper's face and Dibiase says get him Bam Bam. Piper turns his attention on Dibiase and Bam Bam with a right hand on Piper. Bigelow and Dibiase put the boots to Piper and suddenly the lights go out. The lights are back on and Piper is outside the ring and THE UNDERTAKER is right behind Dibiase and Bam Bam and the crowd is going nuts. Jerry Lawler rolls out of the ring. Dibiase and Bam Bam turn around and Undertaker has them both by the throat. Bigelow fights out of it as Dibiase escapes. Bigelow and Undertaker get into a slugfest and Bigelow sends Undertaker to the ropes, Undertaker ducks a clothesline and hits a flying clothesline. Bigelow rolls out the ring and Undertaker and Bam Bam brawl outside and Bigelow rams Undertaker's head into the post. Undertaker no sells it and stares right into Bam Bam's eyes and Bam Bam is shocked. Undertaker whips Bam Bam into the steel steps. Lex Luger and IRS run down and Undertaker nails IRS with a right hand and Luger decides to back off. The Corporation back up the entrance way as Undertaker does his cut throat motion and stares down the Corporation. Piper points at Dibiase and tells him that he's the one that's going to pay the price and feel the wrath of The Undertaker.

A clip is shown of Wrestling Challenge and this week will be the final Wrestling Challenge show. Vince mentioned that Gorilla Monsoon and Jim Ross who host Wrestling Challenge will replace him and Jerry Lawler on Superstars.

Match 4 | Diesel vs Sycho Sid
Sid came down with Shawn Michaels and with Shawn being there at ringside, it doesn't look good for Diesel. Last week The 123 Kid defeated Shawn Michaels and Michaels blames Diesel for that defeat. Diesel then came out to a big ovation. The match begins with a staredown, Shawn's distracts Diesel and Sid gets a cheapshot on Diesel. Sid hammers away at Diesel in the corner, Diesel fights back with right hands. He whips Sid to the corner and delivers a corner clothesline. Diesel with reverse elbows in the corner. Diesel then sends Sid to the floor with a devastating clothesline. Diesel taunts Shawn as Shawn helps Sid back up and Sid is furious. Sid got back in and gets into a slugfest with Diesel, Sid rakes Diesel's eyes and slams him. Sid misses an elbow drop and now Diesel with some forearms on Sid. Diesel places Sid on the ropes and comes off the ropes and drops his weight across the back of Sycho Sid. Sid then reversed an irish whip and sends Diesel hard into the turnbuckle. Sid then works on Diesel's back and takes complete control. Sid has Diesel on the ropes and distracts the ref while Shawn gets some cheapshots on Diesel. Sid with a few uppercuts and then jams his knee into the back of Diesel. Sid then puts a camel clutch on Diesel, the fans get behind Diesel as Diesel powers out and drives Sid to the corner. Diesel with reverse elbows to Sid in the corner. He whips Sid to the ropes and delivers a sidewalk slam. Here we go Diesel signals for the jackknife. Shawn's on the apron and Diesel decides to go after Shawn. Diesel chases Shawn around ringside until Shawn got in the ring and hides behind the ref. Sid from behind sends Diesel shoulder first into the post. Sid delivers a one handed chokeslam on Diesel. Sid then brings Diesel back up to his feet and drops him with the powerbomb. Sid went for the cover and gets the 3 count. What a win for Sid and Shawn is jumping outside the ring with joy and goes and gets in the ring and celebrates with Sid. Shawn then mocks Diesel's taunt and stands tall over Diesel as Raw goes off the air.
Winner: Sycho Sid

WWF Superstars | March 25 | 1995

Bret Hart defeated Mantaur. Bret's sister Diana was in attendance along with Harry Smith.

Bam Bam defeated Aldo Montoya. After the match as Bigelow was making his way to the back, he stops when The Undertaker appears on the video wall. Undertaker sends a message to Bam Bam. With the absence of his sacred urn, The Undertaker says he's reached out to his creatures of the night to utilise their power as his driving force. Bam Bam may be called the beast from the east but the beast is going to be stepping in the ring at WrestleMania with the lord of the jungle. At WrestleMania, Undertaker vows to collect his urn & will fill it with the soul of Bam Bam.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Duke the Dumpster Droese. Before the match began, Hunter refused to face Droese because he's a garbage man and he smells. HHH holds his nose and decides to walk off and gets booed heavily. Tatanka comes down and starts pointing at HHH telling him to get back in and fight. Hunter turns around and Droese is right behind him, he sends him back in and the bell rings. Hunter ended up winning the match by hitting the pedigree on Droese. Following the match Helmsley was seen spraying himself with his spray bottle that he carries to the ring.

The Headshrinkers defeated Men on a Mission. The winning team gets a future title shot against the tag team champions. Following the match, Men on a Mission upset about the defeat attacked The Headshrinkers. Mable squashed Fatu in the corner and then hits a splash on Seone. Afa and Lou Albano got in to put a stop to this but got attacked by Men on a Mission. Oscar tried stopping his team from doing further damage on Afa and Albano but Mable and Mo turned on Oscar. Mable hits a legdrop on Oscar. Mable and Mo leave to huge heat.

Also on the show Vince McMahon interviews The Million Dollar Man Dibiase and Lex Luger. Dibiase states that he's out here for a good cause. He's going to give a fan $100 but remember nothing is free around here and if they want to earn this money they have got to work for it. Since The British Bulldog's son is here in the front row he wants The Bulldog's son to get in the ring and earn great money. Now this is Harry's chance to prove that he's not going to be a loser like his father. Dibiase wants Harry to come in the ring. Harry refuses but Dibiase said he can buy anything or anybody. So he tells Harry instead of $100, he's going to give him $500 if he can do some push ups in the ring. That's all he has to do. Harry now wants to do this but Diana doesn't really want him to go ahead with this. Harry decides to get in the ring and takes the challenge. Luger wants all these young children to look up to him as a role model and not The British Bulldog. Vince asks Dibiase is he really going to give Harry the money is he's successful because a few years ago, Dibiase set a young kid a basketball challenge and Dibiase cheated him out of the money. Dibiase says if Harry can do the push ups then he gets the money. Luger first demonstrates how to do push ups. Luger gets up and starts flexing his muscles. Luger then tells Harry to do five push ups as a demonstration. Harry manages to do five push ups and Harry then asks for his money but Dibiase tells Harry to hold on.

If Harry can manage to do 10 push ups he gets $500. The fans start to count and Harry is doing well and then struggles and the fans root him on as he gets to 9. He's almost getting to 10 but Luger put his foot on Harry's back and Harry fails to do the 10th push up. Dibiase laughs and Dibiase and Luger get huge heat for this. Dibiase says aww Harry we didn't get to 10. Better luck next time. Harry says he did his best but Luger and Dibiase cheated. Ted tells him that doing your best isn't good enough for them and it's quite simple Harry doesn't get the money, Now beat it kid hahahahhaha!! Harry is upset and Diana is disgusted with the actions of Luger. Dibiase holds up his briefcase and said no one is richer than The Million Dollar Man and you have to work hard to earn this money and none of these fans will be getting this hahahhaaha!!! Suddenly The British Bulldog ran down and got the briefcase off Dibiase and knocked Luger down with the briefcase and Dibiase flees the ring. Bulldog and Harry then hand out money to the fans which gets a loud ovation. Ted Dibiase was furious and Harry even ends up getting his $500. Bulldog then celebrates with his family.

WWF Wrestling Challenge | March 26 | 1995

This is the final episode of Wrestling Challenge and we are a week away from WrestleMania XI. Results: Henry Godwinn defeated Bob Holly, Jean Pierre Lefite defeated Man Mountain Rock, Doink & Papa Shango defeated The Heavenly Bodies

An Undertaker promo is shown as The Undertaker is in a graveyard digging a grave. Paul Bearer states that his Undertaker is back with a vengeance. He goes to the tomb where some of Undertaker's victims names are shown and Bearer says Bam Bam Bigelow will be next. Undertaker says at WrestleMania, the beast from the east will meet his maker.

We hear pre recorded comments from King Kong Bundy who promises to get revenge on The Million Dollar Corporation.

Sunny is in the studio hosting the face to face segment. We hear comments from The Smoking Gunns and their opponents at WrestleMania, Yokozuna and Hakushi. Jim Cornette thinks The Smoking Gunns are afraid of Yokozuna and Hakushi. Hakushi and Yokozuna have already defeated them in singles competition. Billy interrupts and tells Cornette that The Smoking Gunns have been teaming up for a long time and in tag team competition they are the best team in the WWF. Yokozuna and Hakushi may have got the better of them in singles competition but in tag team competition, they're going to get beat by The Smoking Gunns. Mr Fuji cuts in and says Yokozuna and Hakushi are the most dangerous team in the WWF and they are going to crush The Smoking Gunns. Bart Gunn thinks Fuji and Cornette are getting very over confident and should not under estimate The Smoking Gunns. They may be the underdogs but they're going to give it their 100% to retain the titles. They worked hard to win these belts and they're going to retain these belts. Jim Cornette tells The Gunns to keep on dreaming because they're going in there against a monster and the best high flyer in the WWF. At WrestleMania, his team will win the tag team titles. Yokozuna yells BANZAI!!!

Also on the show Jim Ross interviewed Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Ross asks Hunter that he's already very unpopular here in the WWF, he's already getting on the bad side of several superstars. Is Hunter making a wise choice here? Hunter says a lot of superstars are just jealous of him, they just wish they were Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Take Tatanka for example. Hunter thinks Tatanka hasn't got what it takes to be a star and that's something which Hunter will become. Ross thinks Tatanka's a tremendous competitor, he was undefeated for a very long time. Hunter says so what! Tatanka's been here for 2 1/2 years and he's never won a title here. Now unlike Tatanka, Hunter vows to win titles in the WWF. Tatanka comes down and it looks like he's had enough. Tatanka gets in the ring and tells Helmsley that he's been running his mouth and now it's time for Hunter to get competition. Tatanka thinks Helmsley won't be having an undefeated streak like Tatanka because he's going to hand Helmsley a defeat real soon. Tatanka challenges Hunter to a match at WrestleMania. Helmsley said he definetely wants to compete at WrestleMania but not against Tatanka. Tatanka is just no match for him. Helmsley is about to leave the ring but Tatanka tells him to hold on. He asks Hunter if he's afraid to get beat? He's only been here since last week and he's just afraid that he's going to get beat real soon. That's why Helmsley's backing out of the match. Hunter ends up agreeing to the match and gets out of the ring. Tatanka poses for the crowd and Hunter slides back in and attacks Tatanka from behind by sending him shoulder first into the ring post. Helmsley then plants the pedigree on Tatanka and then takes a bow to humiliate Tatanka.

Razor Ramon defeated IRS. The announcers then thanked the fans for joining them for the final episode of Wrestling Challenge. WrestleMania is next Sunday and what a ppv it is going to be.

April 2 | Hartford Connecticut

Current Card

WWF Title Match | Bret Hart (c) vs Razor Ramon

Diesel vs Shawn Michaels

The British Bulldog vs Lex Luger

No Holds Barred Match | The Undertaker vs Bam Bam Bigelow | Special Enforcer | Rowdy Roddy Piper

Title vs Career | WWF Intercontinental Title Match | Owen Hart (c) vs Bob Backlund

The 123 Kid vs Jeff Jarrett

Tag Team Title Match | The Smoking Gunns (c) vs Yokozuna and Hakushi

Tatanka vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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