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re: Star Wars New Republic Mafia - Game Thread - NIGHT 6

Originally Posted by Mclovin it View Post
I am really worry about people's iq if they did not straight away work out scrilla's pr and seen Star Wars.
I've never seen Star Wars so all of this is like a foreign language to me.

Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
also tat can be town. Attempting to deceive the new guys and possibly make them slip is usually a town thing to do.
I'm putting you on ignore now. If you can't bother to call me by my username as I've politely asked when I really should not have even had to, then I can't be bothered to read any of your posts even though it'll likely hinder my ability to play this game.

Originally Posted by DocBlue View Post
sXe started it, Titania (Happy now?) followed, then Magic, Mikey and Fall. Fall's vote comes off scummiest to me, plus maybe Mikey but they could just as easily think he's scum and Fall did make a case against him, it's just that he waited to vote until Magic and Mikey jumped on.

I do think at least one of them is just wagoning him because there really isn't enough in his posts IMO for 5 votes.

Titania never answered your question about why you being nice makes you town Magic. Probably not a BIG DEAL but I like to hear people's reasonings behind their thoughts
I'm still surprised by this attitude I'm getting from you. Is there a reason for it Doc? You've had no trouble addressing Ziggler, Cloverleaf, and so many others by their usernames yet when I politely request it you act like a prick. I wanted to keep this in the sign-up thread since this isn't even relevant to the game but it's gone.

Originally Posted by x iCame2Play x View Post
be be beep ba beep beep
Can you vote?

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post

Asking for soft claims on day 1...why? Also, I already said it, Magic being "nice" shouldnt be a good sign. It should have people wondering why he's being so fucking nice.

I think it's a good idea to get claims from posters claiming to have prs in order to determine the legitimacy of the pr and possibly trap them in a lie. It looks like iCame2Play and Scrilla have prs. If one is fake, though I can believe this 28 player game having 2 prs, I think it's more likely the latter since it plays into his scum meta. The only way iCame2Play is faking that is if he's being helped in the QT. I don't see someone in their first game having the presence of mind to fake a pr on his own.

I've never seen Magic pull his "nice" gimmick as scum thus I said it was a good sign. It doesn't make him town, but it makes me think he's probably town. As Town he gets bored since he's usually town so I think he's more likely to do gimmicks as town.

Obby's posts have been bad but I'm not sure yet if he's scum bad or new bad. I don't like how quickly his wagon took off. I'd rather push Roger for a claim. Ziggler already made the point but it was because of this post I voted him.

Originally Posted by Roger Sterling View Post
Too much fluff so far, has there even been a vote?

Vote: Dan
Roger not noticing that votes had already been placed came across as off and his posts up to this point were short/tightly constructed. Him voting for Dan doesn't work as a tell either way since a lot of random voting goes on during this phase.

I've never understood the town motive in asking the double voter to identify himself and claim on day 1. That only narrows down power roles. If he's town he could draw a scum kill. That's what happened to my scum team in Wild West Mafia. On Night 1 or 2 I had Alco killed because I thought he might have had a power role and it turned out he was only the double voter. Because he hadn't said anything he got us to waste an early kill on him.

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