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Re: Nostalgia-filled old wrestling video game thread.

Man oh man,I've played many a wrestling game in my time. Virtually all of them up to like early 2004. I remember playing the hell out of WWF Raw/Royal Rumble on Sega Genesis. Then switching over to WWF Warzone for ps1 grabbed a hold of me but Attitude blew me mind with the season mode. Fun games for their time but as a kid you don't really notice how poor the game really was. I could never get a hold of the combo system. Then there was WCW Revenge which I never owned but rented repeatedly as was the case with Wrestlemania 2000 both were incredible games. But like many here most of my N64 wrestling game time was logged with WWF No Mercy, such an innovative game for its time but anyone else find the steel cage ridiculously high? lol

As for PS1/PS2, I played Smackdown 1 but 2 took over my life at that time. Season mode, spent nearly 20 years in career, those were the times back then. THat was one of the best season modes in a wrestling game I've ever played . You could actually GO after titles, and the random cut scenes were a treat when you'd wait for it. Sure it was a little bare bones but thats where Shut Your Mouth came out and I logged even more time when that came out.That was when I pretty much slowed down on wrestling games overall and slowly stopped watching wrestling. Over the past couple years I've picked up other wrestling games that I either barely played or heard good things of like Day of Reckoning 2(amazing) ,Wrestlemania 21(decent) and WWE Raw 2(solid but could be better)

So many games, so little time in talking about them!
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