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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Ummmm, I'm not as high on a lot of the indies generally (feel it really dipped once Danielson and McGuinness left ROH) but there's still some talent. I've honestly watched little of PAC. He was a Dragon Gate guy and well I just have no time for DG, they have their distinct style but its just not something I can really sit through anymore. I've really regressed into old school wrestling so most of the guys I like today are those who either exhibit a lot of old school tendancies or who are older wrestlers. PAC by all accounts has gotten better at developing an all round game, which if true will serve him well in WWE where he'll be expected to use his offence only at the beginning and end of a match and therefore have to do more in between.

Generico is a guy I like, albeit far less than others. Seems like a chill dude, works hard and is a very emotive wrestler. Can't see I'm a huge fan of a lot of his strikes and offence (look a little too light for my tastes) and he's not the sort of guy I enjoy working 50/50 bouts. Still, he's a genuine babyface who works well from underneath and can really make a match engaging so long as the heel isn't fucking pitiful. I think in WWE them stripping down parts of his moveset might aid him.

Aside from that, I only really like a select handful of guys on the indies. Sami Callihan is pretty good, albeit flawed and prone to annoying tendancies (plays a punk/screamo/lunatic character and often gets too caught up in that character with bizarre facial expressions and occasionally over the top setups for certain moves). Still he bumps and sells well, is great working as a tough as nails babyface or a malicious heel controlling a match, and his match in 2011 vs Finlay was spectacular and one of the best indy matches in years. I haven't seen the two Finlay matches from this year, but Seabs and Yeah1993 put up some links to some of his 2012 work which I can dig up for you if you're ever curious to check him out.

I fucking loathe Davey Richards and others of that style. I understand why the agility and athleticism works for some, but yeeesh I just can't escape the lack of pacing, structure, logic or genuine investment in their matches. Everything happens at such speed there's no time to really get invested in the match and very few times does there appear to be a structure developing to make both guys look better by the end of the match.

James Mason & Dean Allmark fucking rule the world though. They're on the British indy scene and work more Regal esque counter wrestling matches with a great babyface/heel dynamic and some purely fun/comical wrestling thrown in between. From the little I've seen, Damien Wayne looks a great talent as well.
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