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Re: Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
Chandelure is a fucking monster. unbelievable. I had him and a siglyph (that weird psychic/flying) thing in the desert. Holy shit, Chandelure was the definition of 1 hit KO. even without levitate he is my favorite Ghost.
I raised him with a Sigilyph too! It's almost two years now, but I can remember my exact Pokemon White team and it was:

- Chandelure
- Siglyph
- Krookodile
- Darmanitan
- Lillgant
- Zebstrika

The only one I started to not like through playing through that file was Zebstrika. Kept dying on me, felt it was too weak and had too shadow of a movepool. I think I was planning to replace Zebstrika anyway, because I remember raising up a Deino because I wanted a Hydreigon. This was one of the few files that I had where I didn't plan out what I wanted before hand, mainly because the game was so new at the time I didn't know the new Pokemon etc. One of the only files where I didn't have a water Pokemon either, I think that's because I didn't like any of the new water Pokemon in gen 5, but I usually always have a water type in my team for Surf.

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
also, I caught a Murkrow who evolves into Honchkrow (dark/flying). I can't get the dark stone without 16 badges so I have to wait. but I read he has high Spc. and phys. attack. Is he good?
Never raised one, but Honchkrow looks so badass. Much better improvement from Murkrow in terms of stats. Murkrow was one of those that desperately needed an evolution in previous games and it a got a pretty good one.

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