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Re: Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
I never nickname my Pokemon, but that's just me.

Mine's Chandelure:

Chandelure is a fucking monster. unbelievable. I had him and a siglyph (that weird psychic/flying) thing in the desert. Holy shit, Chandelure was the definition of 1 hit KO. even without levitate he is my favorite Ghost.

Originally Posted by Daiko View Post
Grass Type?
Petal Dance?
Rarely Used?

Belossom is your Man.. Woman.. Poke-thingy...

Only problem being that you have to train your Gloom up to Lvl 53 before evolving to get it.. Or you could evolve it into Vileplume and get it Dancin' at the same level..
yeah, Celadon gym leader had one, apparently outrageous defense. But according to the pokedex it's just average, could have fooled me.

what about Jumpluff? He has high speed but doesn't look good elsewhere. Nice move set as hopplip so far.

also, I caught a Murkrow who evolves into Honchkrow (dark/flying). I can't get the dark stone without 16 badges so I have to wait. but I read he has high Spc. and phys. attack. Is he good?
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