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Re: REAL heels vs IWC heels

Originally Posted by Deebow View Post
If I was 10 years old I would agree with you, but the fact of the matter is that the days of Good vs. Evil are passé. I've grown up. I don't see the World as black and white anymore.

CM Punk's character maybe the biggest asshole around, but the fact of the matter is that he's 100% honest about it. On the other hand you have a character like John Cena who preaches about rising above hate, and hustle, loyalty and respect, yet he's the biggest sore loser around. He fairly lost a ladder match at TLC, then the next night on RAW he goes out and costs Dolph Ziggler the world title. That's not respectful at all. Cena in actuality is the biggest heel around. I always think back to the I Quit match that he had with Batista at Over The Limit in 2010. After Cena won the match, he still decided to AA Batista off a car and through the stage. Then he plays it off like nothing happened. He almost kills a guy, then he thinks he can still be a "Good Guy". It doesn't work that way.
Cena's not a heel. AAing Batista after the match was over is a good example... and it probably stands alone, and was probably done precisely to please his detractors. He's the ultimate good guy. Been watching since 2000, and I've never seen someone more humble than John Cena. The problem ppl have with Cena is that he's boring and predictable, which is precisely because he's always nice. THe biggest sore loser? When was he a sore loser? Ziggler didn't win fair, AJ helped him. And stopping Ziggler from cashing in? Give me a break, every MITB ambush is unfair, Ziggler's included, you're just a Ziggler fan (like me). I'll cheer for a lot of heels against Cena, too, but I don't kid myself. Cena's a good guy. All he talks about is hard work and doing the right thing, and then he goes out and does it. He refused to use the MITB as an ambush! He was honorable about it! Any ROH marks out there? Or ppl who just think MITB ambushes are a load of crap, like me? How do you like that?

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