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Aya Reiko
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Re: TNA Wrestling Announces Major Changes To 2013 Pay-Per-View Strategy

Just because there's fewer PPV per year does not mean things will miracluously improve. They've been treating the non-"big" PPVs as throwaways for a long, long while. And the show's creative team is not changing, therefore the entire booking philosophy is not changing at all. The AJ-KazDan fued went on what seemed like FOREVER, and the Aces & 8's storyline is the same thing; a storyline that seems like it goes on forever that progresses no faster than a snail's pace. I cannot see how this changes the Status Quo at TNA. I do not believe this move will improve the show's quality what-so-ever when they always have been booking for the "big" shows and regarding the "little" shows as throwaways.

I can't see this as anything but a huge step backward for TNA. It's slashing potential revenue without really cutting costs. Seriously, how does taping a PPV save money over a live broadcast when you're essentially doing the same thing in both cases?

What the hell happened to taking TNA "to the next level"? I can't help but think that, in reality, TNA is sinking, and at the sheer level they are apparently cutting back, it's sinking fast.
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