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Re: Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

Originally Posted by Jon Snow View Post
Galvantula, Krookadile, Excadrill, Chandelure, are all really good for nonlegendaries. I hate that Chandelure can't get levitate though, Leviate is what makes Gengar so fucking GOAT in doubles as a sweeper paired with a mega-EQer
Yeah I wish Chandelure got Leviate, I mean it levitates so it should have that ability.

Chandelure's dreamworld ability Shadow Tag is pretty damn sweet.

I just liked Chandelure from the moment I saw it, great design, unique typing, and holy shit at that 145 base special attack!

Originally Posted by A$AP View Post
The most I've ever leveled a Pokemon was a Lv 95 Dragonite that I trained from a Lv 12 Dratini from the Safari Zone. I was much more proud of that then catching a Zapdos or Mew Two.
Agreed. Most I've leveled a Pokemon to was in the 80's on Crystal, had 6 Pokemon in the 80's, then I stopped playing for a while and eventually started a new file on that game. I've had countless Pokemon files over the years, but I've never raised a Pokemon to level 100, one day it will happen.

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