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Re: Just how does he do it..?

I found one article about "How to be charismatic" using the Rock as one model and damn spot on

- Part 1 : http://arolemodel.com/how-to-be-charismatic/
- Part 2 : http://arolemodel.com/how-to-be-charismatic-2/

Summary version :

How To Be Charismatic Law 1: Be Inwardly Still And Slow

It doesn’t matter what The Rock is doing. He could be running down the ramp, jumping off the turnbuckle, speaking into a mic or doing the people’s elbow in front of 70 000 fans, but he is always inwardly still and in control, and little surprise, for being slow and still inside is one of the most fundamental laws of how to be charismatic.

How To Be Charismatic Law 2: Perfect Posture

Perfect Posture is essential to charisma and to attractive body language. Perfect posture gives the impression that one is completely in control of their body. That is why it is an essential thing for actors, presenters and other TV / movie personalities to have.

How To Be Charismatic Law 3: Speak With Intent

Every single time The Rock speaks he speaks with meaning and intent and this is evident in two ways. Firstly, The Rock’s diction is perfect. He speaks slowly and very clearly. He is aware of the inflection of his voice, the tone and volume and everything else. Every single part of his voice is masterfully controlled. The impression this gives is that his words are of value (after all, we assume that if something is being handled carefully it is valuable) and by being valuable we are more likely to listen.

How To Be More Charismatic Law 4 : Go With The Crowd

Even The Rock cannot be popular without siding with the masses. In the majority of ways, The Rock is actually a follower rather than a leader. He wears fairly standard clothing, he follows what is currently in (e.g Twitter), he shares most popular opinions and never really says anything truly controversial (he can sound controversial in the way he says things, be what he actually says is more often than not the popular opinion). As the old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. And even The Rock cannot beat the mass populace. He joins them then leads them.

How To Be More Charismatic Law 5 : Set Yourself Apart Subtely

This is one of the keys to being charismatic that The Rock gets spot on. While he follows the masses in the majority of ways, The Rock uses a lot of subtle differences. For instance, he has his own unique facial expression, The people’s Eyebrow, and he has his own little catchphrases (“Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?”). These little quirks help to set The Rock apart from the rest. It is similar to having a name tag. Personal moves, words and expressions help clarify the personality of The rock in the WWE’s Universe’s eyes and so it should be with you in whatever social group you are in. You need to have a set of quirky little expression or things you say that set you apart, make you unique and give people a way to remember you amongst the rabble.

How To Be More Charismatic Law 6 : Make The Extraordinary Ordinary and the Ordinary Extraordinary

This one is a little bit complex and risky because if you get it wrong you will look like a dick, but if you get it right, you will look like you’re above it all and larger than life. Essentially, the concept is to always imply that nothing impresses you. You are so damn amazing yourself that it is impossible for anything to every really take your breath away. The problem with this is that if people notice that you are intentionally poo-hooing everyone else then you will come over as a self absorbed A-hole. For this reason, it is essential that you let everyone know that you are pleased for the successes of others but you are never really surprised.

The second part of this law is to make every tiny thing you do seem like magic. For instance, if you happen to go somewhere you haven’t been for a while, you dont say “Oh, it’s nice to be back,” you say.”Finally, The Rock HAS COME BACK to arolemodel.commmmmmm.” Your every move should hold an energy and intent that makes it seem special, even if all you did was open a door.

How To Be More Charismatic Law 7: The World Waits For You

Have you ever noticed how The Rock always leaves unnecessary pauses in his speeches? He does that in order to give one message: The world waits on him. Most people in the world always seem in a rush, as though they always have somewhere else they need to be. The Rock, on the other hand, makes it very clear that he has all the time in the world and is completely in control of his own watch. Consider how attractive and charismatic a quality that is when everyone else is hectically dashing about all over the place, never relaxed and always rushing.

Sorry if it was long, but I needed to share it.
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