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Re: REAL heels vs IWC heels

Listen, we watch to enjoy. If I didn't like some of the heels, my only fave wrestlers would be Sheamus and more recently Alberto Del Rio. But, I also cheer for Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, and Antonio Cesaro. I don't know if this demonstrates a horrible lack of faces, or that there are just some really talented heels, but it doesn't just make wrestling watchable for me, it makes me love the product.

Cheering for heels is the difference between me enjoying the product and bitching that every Raw/SmackDown is the worst its ever been. I can see where people are coming from. Cena's for kids (though I respect the guy), Orton is meaningless to me, Ryback isn't ready for the main event (I do think he's awesome, though). Kofi doesn't really play a character. But, if you throw in heels, you're throwing in some amazing talents.

Remember, this is the era of the marks; we all know what's going on. No matter how good the faces are, we're not gonna wanna reach over and beat up a heel. So if we respect a guy, and look at a guy like Ziggler and just see that he's got it ALL, why not enjoy wrestling that way? They sell us Ziggler and Punk t-shirts, heck Miz even has a t-shirt (going back to his heel days) saying "haters love me." The product should never turn them into tweeners, they should always play despicable bastards to make the stories work for the ppl who watch it 'the proper way' (you definitely have a point), but if people wanna cheer for the despicable bastards it's not gonna hurt anybody. I cheer for Sheamus against Punk despite Punk being my fave wrestler, and I'd do the same with a lot of other faces, but against Cena and Ryback? Its Punk all the way. Ziggler's the same way to me.

Besides, anyone remember the nWo? That got popular when ppl hated them too, but it was HUGELY popular. People wanted to identify with the bad guys. I personally think Punk is much more enjoyable as a heel, whether I agree with the content of his worked shoot promos or not; we fell in love with him during the big June 2011 promo when he was a 100% heel. Guys like Punk and Ziggler are why I love pro wrestling, precisely because of how they're acting now. I'd love to see if Ziggler could play an anti-hero face, but for now I like him the way he is.

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