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Originally Posted by Bossdude View Post
I think most smarks do not understand the purpose of a heel. #

A heel is supposed to get heel heat (duh). You are supposed to dislike him and want to see him get beat. And he's supposed to get the face over.

An example of a good heel is Hollywood Hogan.

Now lets look at an "IWC" heel. The IWC heel is basically a smark maturbatory fantasy. They do all the things you wish you could do in real life and get away with it.
They "tell uncomfortable truths" on the mic, when in actual fact heels are supposed to be liars and hypocrites. This can cause them to get face heat and make fans boo the guy who is supposed to be face.

An example of a terrible heel is CM Punk 2011-2012

Punk and his fanbase are the cancer that is killing wrestling. Ask youself, who has Punk actually put over since he turned heel? No one. He failed at the no1 job of being a heel. If you consider Punk a "great heel" you are a bad person.

Listen to Al Snow he makes some good points
Wasn't punk a face during these times?

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