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Re: Favorite Robert De Niro movie that you've seen

My top... several favorite Robert DeNiro's movies are:

#1 Fav. - Mean Streets, what some would call his breakout role and my absolute favorite DeNiro (and Harvey Keitel) movie.

#2 Fav. - True Confessions, great movie set during 1940's LA with DeNiro as a priest. Also stars Robert Duvall as his brother who is a take-no-shit 1940's LA Detective. (I bet at least 65% of you haven't seen this movie. It's a slow movie but DeNiro and Duvall are great IMO)

#3 Fav. - Midnight Run, finally DeNiro's stars in a great comedy along with Charles Grodin. DeNiro's character is a bounty-hunter who is looking for a man (Charles Grodin) who stole millions from the Mafia and also committed bank fraud or some white-collar crime.

#4 Fav. - The Deer Hunter, great movie that shows the effects that the Vietnam War has had on a small industrial Pennsylvania town and DeNiro's character and Christopher Walken's character who played his best friend who also went to Vietnam at the same time with DeNiro's character.

#5 Fav. - Goodfellas, just not one of the best movies ever, it's considered the best Mob movie (behind GF1 & GF2). It stars DeNiro as a leader of a group of gangsters, thieves, etc.

#6 Fav. - A Bronx Tale, it's a mob/mafia movie but it doesn't follow the mode of other similar movies. It stars DeNiro (who also directed it) as a regular working stiff who doesn't approve of the local mob and wants his son to not associate with the local mob.

#7 Fav. - Cape Fear, great thriller movie which stars DeNiro as a recently released lunatic felon who tries to get revenge on his lawyer (Nick Nolte) because DeNiro's character thinks that his lawyer supposedly fucked him over and didn't do his job right which got him sent to jail. DeNiro did an amazing job pulling off the psychotic and sociopath Max Cady.

#8 Fav. - TIE BETWEEN Casino & Godfather, Part 2. In Casino DeNiro stars as the Mob's inside man running a Casino in Las Vegas. And in Godfather Part 2, DeNiro stars as a young Don Vito Corleone whose just getting into the world of organized crime and starts to build the empire that we finally see he has built in Godfather 1 when Marlo Brando plays the older version of the character.

#9 Fav. - This Boy's Life, good drama which stars DeNiro as an over-bearing alcoholic stepfather to a young Leonardo DiCarpio.

I know alot of people won't agree with some of this post, especially having Casino and Godfather, Part 2 so low on my list. But just remember this is going by the movies of his that I have enjoyed the most.

Honrable Mentions
: Taxi Driver (only seen 1/2 of it years ago), Analyze This (the sequel was shit), Heat, The Fan, The Score, Meet the Parents, Wag The Dog, Sleepers, and Showtime.

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