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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Hailsabin View Post
8) WWE Championship - Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match
CM Punk(c) vs Ryback ~ ***1/2

~ TLC was a ton of fun. I bought into it. Perhaps more than some others. Perhaps less than some others. Punk was a bumping machine and speaking of machines, my word Ryback was filthy with his destruction during the match. Decimating Punker any and all chance he could find. All of those months of frustration seemed to culminate every chance Ryback got to slam Punk through a table or crush him on a ladder. Punk displayed flashes of brilliance too in a mist of being the one who was clobbered (Ben Grimm seems to fit Ryback a hair more considering aesthetic appearances. I digress) Punk's display of intelligence to maneuver his way around the brute rocked. Dodging the steel steps only to leap off of them to drive the high knee into Ryback's face + evading Ryback by rolling out of the ring to lure him into diving into a table. Awesome. I appreciated and more importantly enjoyed the psychology of the match. It was painfully obvious Punk would win, yet that didn't come into play once in the match. The drama was still there even with the Rock championship shot looming for the Rumble. Another Shield screw job on Ryback makes me ponder if Ryback will even win the Rumble match now. I could honestly see Ryback vs The Shield at WrestleMania. If not in a handicap then in another 6 man capacity. I had tons of fun with this match. It isn't a MOTYC, or at least not a HIGH one, but it's the current WWE MOTY atm. 10 days in, big whoop I know. It's gonna be mentioned for the rest of the year. No doubt. It had that memorable factor to it. Plenty of entertainment to go around. Thankfully the debut RAW gave us a match worth discussing. Hoping the trend continues tenfold throughout the rest of the year. If not one match on RAW per week, but a few. 3 hours a week. They can afford to give us 3-4 quality bouts.
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