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Re: Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
(the last 3 are swithced around to include an HM slave and egg) all level 45+ right now. Just getting Scizor from Scyther has helped a shit ton. (this is in Soul silver just so you know). I destroyed Lt. Surge with Earthquake, destroyed celdon city (grass lady). and I can't find misty???

Exactly the same as how it was in the Gen two games.

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
oh nostalgia.

1.) running shoes
2.) special catch rate increasey thing
3.) entire possible pokedex
4.) no HM requirements to get through the game
5.) You can get a psyduck near the first town!
6.) the battle frontier
7.) white forest or black city
8.) awesome bridges
9.) it had everything Crystal did (which was my favorite by the way) plus extra.

and stroywise, Black was stupid. Team Plasma were trying to free pokemon, so you had to stop them? I'm with you there; but convenience wise? Just open your PC in black/white and compare it crystal. You'll shit digletts once you do.
Most of those reasons listed are just stupid. ''Awesome bridges'' . The graphics are bound to be better when you compare the release dates of both games, but gameplay wise, Crystal beats it easily. Crystal had the ability to find pretty much every Pokemon in the game, 16 GYM leaders, playing through two different lands (Kanto and Johto), great characters and a great storyline, great legendary Pokemon, the list goes on.. The Gen 2 games were so good because they were sequels to the gen 1 games, you visited the locations that everyone loved in the Gen 1 games, plus you had an a entirely new story in the Johto land. They were revolutionary at the time because they introduced so many features that make Pokemon games today so addicting, like Pokemon Breeding, Shiny Pokemon etc.

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