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Re: Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
Best at what? The storyline was underwhelming, characters were bad (your friends/rivals Cheren and Bianca are the worst I've seen in ANY Pokemon game). The only interesting character in Black and White was N, but even then, he doesn't compare to the likes of Gary or Silver (the red headed rival from the gen 2 games) from previous games. The characters are all too nice and kid-friendly, there's no one really evil, and the characters that they try to portray as the bad guys (Team Plasma) are too fucking soft and lame. Give us back Team Rocket dammit! The majority of the Pokemon are awful, and I mean awful, when I was playing through the game there was a handful of Pokemon I liked, so when I made my team it wasn't the case of ''oh If I have these 6 Pokemon I won't be able to have this Pokemon''. Every other generation there was many Pokemon I liked, and I found it hard to make teams because there was many Pokemon I wanted in my team. When you say features and convenience I assume you're talking about online battles/trades right? Well I don't really use them, plus those features were in the gen 4 games and those were better games (particularly the Heart Gold/Soul Silver games). Those features aren't a part of the story though, and that's what I'm talking about, based on the story only, Black and White are probably the worst Pokemon games to date (haven't played Black and White 2 though).
oh nostalgia.

1.) running shoes
2.) special catch rate increasey thing
3.) entire possible pokedex
4.) no HM requirements to get through the game
5.) You can get a psyduck near the first town!
6.) the battle frontier
7.) white forest or black city
8.) awesome bridges
9.) it had everything Crystal did (which was my favorite by the way) plus extra.

and stroywise, Black was stupid. Team Plasma were trying to free pokemon, so you had to stop them? I'm with you there; but convenience wise? Just open your PC in black/white and compare it crystal. You'll shit digletts once you do.
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