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Re: Explain how Goldberg is still awesome and Ryback sucks?

Originally Posted by COPkilla View Post
No, I son't need to clarify a single theme. One of the BIGGEST stars ever, any industry. Bill was on the cover of TV guides in the late 90's, and was every bit the star that Steve Austin was. History has been rewritten by WWE and SHEEP buy into it, but I was around at the time. I was around when all the kids were walking around with Goldberg backpacks in school, and tons of home-made net sites were devoted to Goldberg. There is a good reason Goldberg was paid stupid money by Japan to get his services when he was a free agent also.

You take 99 Goldberg and compare him to 99 Rock or Austin, and they are all on the same level. All sellign the same ammount of merch and tickets. Rock and Austin were WWE born so of course they get all the hype, all the opening video exposure, top mmoment exposure etc. But I'm not a sheep. I know how wrestling was and I know how fucking huge Goldberg was.
Completely agree. As big as Austin eventually became and one could definitely argue that he may be the GOAT, it's possible to argue that in 1998 at the height of the Monday Night Wars that Goldberg was THE biggest star in wrestling. WCW still had the far deeper roster at the time (Hogan, Sting, Flair, Nash, Hall, Horsemen, Hennig, Jericho, Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon, Guerrero, I could go on and on) and Goldberg was at the top of the cream of the crop.

To say that Goldberg was never at Austin or Rock's level is ridiculous. It's actually the Rock that joined that level last and he didn't get there until late 1999 at the earliest while people were talking about the Austin vs. Goldberg dream match for a year already.

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