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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

Originally Posted by Eulonzo View Post
Some people in the youtube comments of Brian Pillman's entrance in WWE 13 need to shut up. Yes, the hair doesn't look too good, and not to mention he has no shirt on, but deal with it. Most people in this game have no shirt/jacket/coat in their entrance either like they usually do in real life. I've learned to deal with that a long time ago.

And not to mention, these dead wrestlers that are in this game (Hawk, Big Boss Man, Pillman, Eddie, etc) look pretty damn good considering they can't make them look completely amazing looking because they're dead and they died before the graphics/technology got 10x better.

So I mean, some people need to realize that guys like Pillman aren't gonna look amazing in the games because they're dead, doing the models and shit like that isn't that easy when they're dead and most guys that are actually around do photos for THQ for the models and these guys can't, because they're no longer alive.
This makes NO sense. It's not as if they have every single superstar on the roster come in to do mo-cap, advanced face and body scanning, etc. There are thousands of reference videos and photos for damn near every superstar that ever existed (and that's without aid from WWE themselves). The ability for a developer to make someone look realistic and accurate has nothing to do with whether or not they are living--it's down to how much video the developers are willing to watch and how much time and effort they're willing to exert. Beth Phoenix and Booker T are alive and well and their character models look absolutely horrendus. It's not as if they go "Wow, we'd really love to have an amazingly accurate Brian Pillman in this game, but all we have is this low-res, pixelated image from 1995 that we pulled from Google Images." Maybe in this day and age you're more likely to get a plethora of unbelievably high-res images of Sheamus (for example) for reference purposes, but that just makes it a bit easier to model certain features--it's not a criteria for creating an accurate model. The ONLY excuse developers have for making a less-than-realistic model (especially in 2012/2013) is that they a) didn't have enough time or b) they were taking shortcuts.

You shouldn't have to "deal" with the shortcomings of a studio as a consumer. If they screw-up something as simple as forgetting a jacket, getting the wrong music, mistiming an entrance, or any other assortment of issues, it should be them working on improving it, not you just dealing with it. It's not nitpicking, it's noticing details that the developers should have taken the time to pick up on in the first place.

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