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Re: Explain how Goldberg is still awesome and Ryback sucks?

Not much I can say here that hasn't already been said. Goldberg had a mystique and just a crazy intensity for someone that says nothing. You see Ryback pandering to the crowd every match.... Goldberg simply had to come down to the ring slowly for the fans to go wild.

The gimmick was innovative and fresh, part of it was that it had people guessing what it would take to actually beat Goldberg... whereas a low blow did Ryback in. Not to mention Goldberg gorilla pressing Scott Steiner and Jack Hammering the Big Show, whereas Ryback botched his move with Tensai - if Goldberg screwed up the jack hammer on the Big Show, it would've definitely hurt his momentum. Goldberg came off as some sort of unreal super hero.

Goldberg may have not had much ring skills early on, but they masked it well, with Ryback, you see some very noticable botches tho. Goldberg had the agility too, the spear was an awesome move back then and he did it with such for it looked like he was going to tear thru some of those guys. The meathook clothesline just seems a lot more bland in comparison, the shell shock is a cool name, but it really just looks like a dramatic samoan drop. A guy that massive should be pulling off cooler moves.
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