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Re: TNA's lack of stars problem

Originally Posted by Diesel_Power View Post
People know TNA exists. They just dont care. TNA put a billboard of Hulk Hogan up in times square and only did a 1.0 in March 2010. People just dont want to watch a second wrestling show. One is bad enough.

WCW was completely different. They had a media conglomerate backing them. Their wrestlers were doing Slim Jim commercials and were turning up at the Cable Ace awards with other TNT stars. TNA cant even get out of Universal. Comparing them to WCW just isnt fair.
I'm not so sure. RVD says the number one question he fields is: "Why did you quit wrestling?" and he has to explain he's still wrestling and that WWE isn't the only place, it's just the biggest.

I think I remember Jeff Hardy having a similar response. To most people WWE IS Wrestling. If they're not in WWE, they're probably not wrestling anymore. They don't understand Wrestling isn't like other sports. People don't leave the NFL to go to the CFL or Arena league, but in Pro-Wrestling it's a much different animal.

Angle, Hardy, Sting, etc. Could still be big draws for WWE, but have reasons not to be there. But some people would ignorantly think that WWE just doesn't want them and they're settling for 2nd place. Vince has given all but his leftnut to try and get Sting but not everyone knows this. They probably think he's not relevant anymore and can't do any better. That he can't get to the WWE.

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