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Re: Two Things Alberto Del Rio Needs To Change

Originally Posted by The Winning One™ View Post
He doesn't need his theme changed. One of the things that suck about WWE is that the themes have become similar, generic, bland, and unrecognizable (see Rhodes, Ziggler, Barrett, Otunga, Miz). Very few stand out like Punk's or Cena's or Orton's. ADR is also one of them. His theme is what defines him as a character. Tweak a bit here and there but don't fully change it, there is no need.

Also, his in ring style is what gets him over with the crowd. He has some of the best kicks and strikes in the business today and his set of submissions are pretty impressive. Again, keep it.
As for the theme, I didn't say a complete change. Just a "rock" version of his current theme would be fine for me.

I pointed out his kicks and strikes and how he should use them more. I'm just saying tone down working one the arm. A lot of the time, unless you're a hardcore fan, watching someone work over the arm the entire match gets boring at times and slows down a match. A face is supposed to excite the crowd, not bore them.

I'm not saying to replace either. Just modifying.

Originally Posted by Phantomdreamer View Post
Funny how people see different things. Personally I think his theme and in ring is the only good things about Del Rio. What he needs to work on is seriously improve his mic skills and engage with the audience a bit more, expand his character as well because that like his mic skills is very one dimensional.
I'm not saying his theme or in ring ability are bad. I'm saying they should be modified to adapt to his new face role. To be honest, I think Alberto is good on the mic. When the guy first debuted, people we're saying the guy oozed charisma and machismo. The problem is that every promo sounded the same.

IMO, Alberto can talk. He sounds good when he talks. His material (whether it's his fault or creatives') is what drags him down.

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