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Re: TNA's lack of stars problem

That's basically what I was getting at with acquiring a top name WWE talent. Making waves. If someone actually left WWE for TNA, and actively states it on social media sites with millions of followers, who wouldn't be interested in checking out TNA as a result?

It's how WCW went from nobody to the number 1 brand (albeit it briefly). People were intrigued that wrestlers were leaving the WWF in favor of this completely unknown brand. Unfortunately Dixie doesn't have the passion and bankroll (Or her own television stations) to do it to the scale Turner did (Where he was acquiring a new top name talent practically monthly).

Just look at all the talent WCW lost to WWF that ultimately led to its downfall (And has carried the WWE for the past decade). Austin, Foley, Taker, Edge, Batista, Geurrero, Jericho, Mysterio, etc. Maybe even Cena seeing as how he was in Ready2Rumble.

If WCW stopped and evaluated the level of potential of the guys 'hanging around' instead of ignoring them for "big payoff" cheap pops with big name 80s guys. . .They might still be around today.

All we can hope is that WWE accidentally lets slide some talent like that. With The Rock and Lesnar being paid nearly $400k per appearance (Not even wrestling, but even just promos) some talent might jump ship and one of them could eventually be the next big thing (No one could have ever predicted Austin's influence at the time).

Shoot, they almost lost Punk in July 2011 because of this, who knows how many other guys are in the same boat that can't save themselves like Punk has.

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