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Originally Posted by TD Stinger View Post
Now that he has turned face, there are two things I believe Alberto Del Rio needs to change in order to make his face turn successful.

#1: His Theme Music

Since his debut, Del Rio has been a heel. Since his debut, Del Rio has used the same theme music. So, his current music is pretty much a fabric of his heel character. But he is no longer the rich, pompous aristocrat anymore. He is now a face. I'm not sure how "good" he will act, b/c he's only acted face while coming to the defense of Ricardo. But nonetheless he is a face. To me, he needs a new theme to along w/ his character change. Something a little more edgy. Something a little more rock n' roll. The best theme songs you can rock out to even when you are not watching the show.

To start out, before the music we hear,

"My Name...Is Alberto...Del Rio!"

Like his old promos. If you don't know what I mean, it's the same thing as "Yo, It's Me, It's Me, It's D.D.P!"

And then, his music hits. I honestly don't know what would be a good new song for him. Maybe something like his current theme, just more rock and edgier. Anyone got any examples?

#2: His In Ring Style

Like his theme music, Alberto has worked the same style since his debut. Working over the arm, quick strikes, and finishing opponents off w/ the Cross Arm Breaker. IMO, he needs to modify his style. Slowing the match down, methodically working over the arm; that is something a heel does. Here is how a normal match (except for a squash) goes.

1. Face and Heel evenly matched in the beginning.
2. Face takes control.
3. Heel hits big move to turn the tide.
4. Heel dominates the middle portion of the match.
5. Face Comeback

The rest depends on who the winner is meant to be, but you get the drift. Alberto's current offense is more of a heel oriented offense. Again he doesn't, need to change his style completely, just modify it.

For example, add more strikes and cut down on working on the arm. Seriously, if you've ever watched an ADR match, he gives some of the stiffest kicks ever. The sound that comes when his boot meets flesh is amazing. Using more high impact moves would help. Another finisher would be my final request. He could still keep the Cross Arm Breaker, but a finishing move would be better for his face new character. Maybe the Low Level Super Kick he has been using.
You want an edgy rock song as del rio's enterance? What's wrong with you? If they HAVE to change it, it should be something upbeat like they play on the spanish radio station.
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