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Re: How would you fix TNA

Hulk Hogan
Brooke Hogan
Ken Anderson
bunch of other fat trimming to bring the payroll down and make room for the young up and comers.
No specific names, but there are some KO's I would like to see back with that division, X and Tag divisions all getting revamped a bit and more prominence.
No more geezer hires. I don't mind bringing in some ex WWE talent if it comes at a reasonable price, they are still young and have potential and there is some purpose/a spot to bring them in.

Bring back the 6 sided ring. That was what first got me interested and made me check it out. SOmething different.

Move out of the Impact Zone A.S.A.P. That place is bringing the company down. Like was mentioned earlier, hit up Vegas, ECW arena, etc. Not just a few times a year either, more like a few times a month they need to be somewhere else.

Refresh the Aces and 8"s with having Doc/Knox beat down D-Von(So Dudleyz can reform for a bit to take on A&8's, only short term)
Have Knox/Doc Start destroying everyone and everything.
Bring Eric Young and ODB into the group(EY beatdown as an initiation process and to get him to start acting serious) They fit the appearance/attitude of what I think fits into the group.
Make the group End up looking like
VP-James Storm
Tag Team-Knox/DOC

Next off have Roode or Aries take the title back from Hardy and let Roode & Aries continue their heel feud against each other for the title for a couple months, I think its great stuff.

Heavyweight- Off Hardy to either Roode or Aries
TV- Off Devon and onto Magnus
X Division- Off RVD and onto Zema or Kenny for a bit
Tag- I wouldn't be able to get them off of Chavo/Hernandez fast enough and onto Kaz/Daniels. If you can't utilize all the X Division/Young guys start forming some tag teams for now out of them. Tag division needs some retooling.
KO Tag Titles- Scrap it
KO Title- Tara drops it to Velvet Sky and then a heel turn by M. James leads to a feud between them.
I would try and bring back a few familiar faces, all getting some direction Hamada, Angelina Love, few others most of us want back.

Sting can lead the team of
Samoa Joe
+ couple others against A&8's and after that has run its course, he can either take over as head of TNA again or semi retire and have that once a year type of thing like Undertaker, no more coming in and destroying 8 guys with a bat shit.

Get rid of gut check, if I want the guy I will hire him and bring him in with a story, not the hard working, never got a break story of the independent wrestler, its done with all the other previous winners, Austin Aries, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, etc.

Get rid of all/most current booking and bring in some fresh new faces with imagination, such as recently retired wrestlers with great minds for the biz. They WILL NOT get tv time or matches or angles for themselves though. I am sure you guys can think of a few that would/could work well.

I am sure I can think of more.

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