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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH - Unscripted II

Adam Pearce vs. Pelle Primeau vs. Mitch Franklin - SQUASH

Colt Cabana vs. Grim Reefer - * 1/2

Ricky Reyes vs. Kid Mikaze - *

ROH Pure Title
Nigel McGuinness (c) vs. Austin Aries - *** 3/4

ROH World Title
Bryan Danielson (c) vs. Xavier - *** 1/2

Four Corner Survival
Jimmy Yang vs. Jason Blade vs. Jerrelle Clark vs. Azrieal - **

#1 Contender's Match
Roderick Strong vs. BJ Whitmer - *** 3/4

Bryan Danielson & CM Punk vs. Jimmy Rave & Adam Pearce - ****

Overall: 8/10

- Although it may not look like it, the first 20 minutes of this show are really, really well done. Kicks off with a ridiculously good promo from Cabana talking about wrestlers who have legitimately died in the ring. Then you get the opener which isn't much of a match, but allows Pearce to stick around ringside and spark the happenings with the returning CM PUNK! Cabana vs. Reefer went a little long for accomplishing what it did but it had its moments and was totally fine to continue the feud with Homicide.

- McGuinness/Aries was (as you can probably guess) great. Whenever you watch a match from Nigel, it's gonna be smartly wrestled, but when he was the Pure Champion it was just amazing how well he worked around all the rules to the match and used them to his advantage multiple times. He scouted ALL of Austin's signature moves in the first half & it was incredibly impressive. Guy was a genius. The psychology on Aries' left arm was brilliant & he sold it well enough for me. The finishing stretch was good, but at the same time came off as predictable because they would inch towards the ropes before the pin attempt to use a rope break. Minor complaints really, but a great title match nonetheless that probably should've been higher on the card.

- Danielson/Xavier had some big time intensity. Danielson underestimated the ex champ in the early going and after Xavier hit an awesome looking dive to the outside, Dragon gets PISSED and he storms back in and forearms the shit out of him. Really surprised by how much I enjoyed the match, especially with a non-finish. I can see why Xavier never came back full time though, as he looked really reckless and not someone I'd wanna work with. Not to mention the gaping lack of charisma, but that's another story. Really good match that continues Danielson's feud with the Embassy, but it got overshadowed by the postmatch stuff. Anyone ever seen a gif of Prince Nana getting hit in the face with toilet paper and selling the fuck out of it? Yeah, that's on THIS show! Such an awesome moment, crowd goes bonkers.

-I give credit to the guys in the 4-way for really trying to give us something good but they just had way too much going against them. Following two straight title matches AND the return of CM Punk is heavy enough but add in the fact that Jason Blade nearly killed two guys and it gets a little rough. Probably went longer than it should have as well. Yang's entrance music rocks my socks though.

- Roderick Strong showing personality??? In 2006!? No way, right? Well it was here! He emulated Joe's OLE kick a couple times and the crowd just ate it up. Played a really good babyface role in a seriously good match. Took a couple minutes to get going but everything they did on the outside was a lot of fun. Whitmer's neck work was smart as it played into all his major offense and Roddy would basically jar his neck every time he hit a backbreaker or suplex. Low Ki vs. Roderick Strong was scheduled on the night, but if you're gonna give me this as a replacement, I really can't complain. Great stuff.

- Miseria Cantare & The Final Countdown back-to-back, are you kidding me? The most epic tag team entrance music you'll ever find. It looks like I'm in the minority, but I seriously loved this match. So much FUN. When the fun stuff ended and it got down to the gritty, it was great formula. Hot tag to Punk was fantastic and I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) this match featured the debut of Danielson doing the dive into the crowd. It may not have been his first time using it, but it became a staple of his matches after this. Both teams looked pretty great considering they're not regulars at all, and Rave & Pearce even hit a doomsday device plus an awesome superplex/big splash combo. I can understand people not liking certain aspects of this, one being that it went damn near 30 minutes, the other being that it got pretty disjointed down the stretch. Yes, I'll say it could've had a few minutes shaved off & it probably should've ended on the stereo Anaconda Vice/Cattle Mutilation, but what the hell, this was just a really enjoyable match for me. Awesome match, but everything afterwards was even better. Danielson makes some pretty ironic comments about "WWE" wrestlers and him not being signed anytime soon, Punk OWNS a dumbass fan in the crowd (over and over again...), then goes outside and does snow angels in a blizzard.

- I'm not sure why, but everyone seems to down this show. Is it because it's an "unscripted" show? Is it because everyone else says it's average so they feel they need to agree? Idk personally, but I'd say this show fucking ruled. 4 great matches, several great promos, CM PUNK, and just a really fun show that's incredibly easy to sit through.

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