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Originally Posted by Apocalypto View Post
LMFAO @ these two imbecile piss weak pussies ChampViaDQ and McLovin It calling the Epitome of Perfection (me) out. You two geeks aren't worth my time.

I am actually interested in several fags in here for a battle however

BULLY the PUSSY, although he is already buried, I am pretty sure with his recent ass kissings lately he is going to rebounce back into everyone good graces like the puppets that they are, so it seems I will have to bury Senor Fatceps with a degree and bishes again.

Anark. This scruffy pill popping hippie high school drop out with a penchant for feces being dumped on his chest has failed to provide solid and concrete evidence of me being The Livid One.

CMWit, because it's fun making fun of his wife lmao.

Dualshock, the whiny puss bag who has also accused me of being someone else. Noyk in this case, yet has failed to provide solid evidence.

El Chapo aka Man Breasts, Now Im not usually one to bawl over red rep like half the faggots on here, but El Boobs here seems to have a personal vendetta against me. So I am going to give this water pistol whipping, '84 cadillac driving, colt 45 drinking, who raps and sounds like a chimp farting on a snare drum an opportunity to take his inferiority complex out of his chest. Because this fat shit is obviously jealous that he doesn't look good in pleather pants like me.

Aaaaaand, I think that's it...

for now.

~Apocalypto Hath Spoken
I am not worth your time!!! I am not worth your time!!!

I think you have yourself mistaken with people who actually know how a penis works you lady boy from Bangkok. I know you had a sex change but jesus even I know how a penis works and I am a virgin.

The epitome of perfection??? If you are perfection then god help the world.

Ladyboy of Greece you are ducking me because you know that I could whoop both you and heelkris without even trying.

If you are so goddamn great then face me at rantsamania you son of a bitch or are your arms to short to box with the Geek God?


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