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Re: Would you pay for a monthly subscription to a netflix like WWE product?

Originally Posted by mike010 View Post
I don't get how plugging social media makes them come across as "not in this century". If anything, wouldn't that put them directly in line with the rest of today's media? Most people today have access to some form of social media, why not take advantage of it? They've had Classics On Demand available for years and it obviously hasn't turned up that much of a profit, otherwise they would have promoted it far more than they have. Today, it's virtually non existant.

Besides why would I want to pay to watch a specific match or show when all I have to do is go on YouTube or any number of it's clone sites to see it free of charge? For example earlier today I felt like watching Survivor Series 1998, so I searched Google and found the whole show on Dailymotion, free of charge.

1. I meant its not enough to just plug things on social media and they could make bigger strides forward to create original and creative ideas.

2. That's like saying why do people pay to go to cinema, buy DVDs and pay for Netflix or pay for PPVs. There are probably millions of matches that have happened over the last 50 years. It would be great if WWE filtered out some content for us.

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