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Re: National Wrestling Federation: The Investment

I don't know where to start. So much good stuff here. This is just random notes from all the shows so far:

- Can you really go wrong with a company set in 2012-13 when your roster features F'N Bob Holly, Scott Steiner, Bob Backlund and THE GREAT MUTA for God's sake. I like that you only teased the Bob Holly vs Scott Steiner match and then ended it early. That's a money match if there ever was one, I'm telling you. Better save it for later. Scott Steiner doesn't appear to really care about Masters, which is good. Very Steiner-esque. I bet this will lead to a feud between them.
- Bob Holly versus Cliff Compton might be my favorite feud. I don't know where you're getting this stuff.
- I think Muta should be a special attraction who only appears sporadically. The TV title match is for the vacant title, right? If so, I don't really want Muta to have it. I'm hoping Shad Gaspard goes on to face him, just because. Think of that match.
- Goes without saying that the Backlund/Cabana pairing is a brilliant idea. I'm not sure if you're teasing a break-up here or not? I hope they stay together, but at the same time they could have like a friendly match or something, because that's something that needs to happen.
- ”Last Chance” ”Sexy” Ace Steel getting his final chance to make it. What's not to like?
- ”Tyson Kidd cuts off his own entrance in anger, accompanied by Isis The Amazon of course” Of course! Why would he not be accompanied by Isis the Amazon? Of all people? I love that you mentioned that in the first show and didn't bother to ever explain that relationship any further (if I didn't miss anything). It's funny as hell to me. Tyson's remarks are funny, too. Also, A Dog Collar match is a very good stipulation to make the Kidd/Lynn feud more interesting. Isis fighting men is good, even if, lets be honest, she really isn't good at all.
- I wonder if Kenrick has any idea who Sydistiko is? The Mondo thing is another nice little gimmick. Eagerly waiting to see who Mr. Wrestling is.

- MVP and Carlito are two guys I never really cared about, but I'm still sort of interested in the feud. I like Banks' posse. Rhyno is okay and Elijah is good, but I feel like the main event scene lacks something. Why is Jeff Jarrett doing his WCW gimmick with ”Slapnuts” and all? Haha! I love Jarrett. The Guitar Shot challenge was fun. Austin Creed is doing the boxer gimmick again? I like that. I'm so confused from all these chaotic brawls to end the shows, but it's good.
- I feel like you don't really need a women's division, but I'm looking forward to what you have in mind.

Overall, I'm a huge fan of your style, booking, roster and the short format. Please keep this thing going!

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